Another woman sexually assaulted on Abaco and not one word from the police of the incident – WHAT IS THIS?


Where are the voices for the rights of women in the workplace?

rape – file photo

NASSAU| An Insurance Executive has lost his job and has been charged with sexual assault in a court in Marsh Harbour Abaco.

A noted insurance company in the country reopened its headquarters in Abaco on Friday, 27th March, but the opening was followed by a serious crime.

The executive had decided to spike the rum during the event which caused one of the guests attending to lose consciousness. 

The young woman was taken to a room by the executive and the crime began to unfold. However, the woman regained consciousness and began defending herself from her attacker, locking herself inside the room as she telephoned for help. 

The insurance company made many attempts to get the victim not to report the matter to police. However, in spite of their efforts, she did. 

Locked up and charged in the courts in Marsh Harbour, the Insurance company quietly allowed the attacker to resign on Tuesday morning.

Bahamas Press has two questions: How come police said not a word of this violent attack on a woman in the country? Why did the firm seek to block justice for the woman? Where are the voices for the rights of women in the workplace?

BP ga leave it there for now, but we will be watching the silence in this case down in Abaco.

We report yinner decide!