Minnis’ idea to legalize marijuana use is already having affects on children going to school once a week!


Police are investigating Marijuana Cookies now in the hands of your child! LOOK AT THE DARKNESS AND SMOKE THEY DRAGGING YA CHURRIN INTO!

Kids keep showing up with the marijuana cookies in the Bahamas?! WHAT IS THIS?!

NASSAU| Police in Eleuthera are investigating the shipment of marijuana laced cookies that were shipped from New Providence via a mailboat to Rock Sound, Eleuthera.

According to police, several students collected and ate the cookies and fell sick afterwards.

PM Hubert Minnis after having kids out of school for months announced that his government plans to make marijuana use across the country legal. Vendors has used this as a greenlight to start baking up and shipping out the drugs.

At an event on Abaco in Early February Prime Minister Minnis said, “The government is in the process of now completing legislation to bring to Parliament to legalise medicinal marijuana so that medical marijuana could be grown by Bahamians here –- utilised and exported – medicinal marijuana.”

The young students couldn’t get into a classroom for months, but yet, are showing up at school high as a kite. Could this be the results of the dangerous months of lockdowns and curfews?

Most countries around the world have made it illegal to sell drugs near or around school campuses. In the Bahamas dey gat it in the classroom for sale while the math and english classes are going on. WHAT IS THIS?

We report yinner decide!