Another WSC Union Executive suspended this time for posting on social media a question about the cost of the EY Audit…


UNION Executive Neko Albury suspended for three days for asking a question online about the cost of the Ernst and Young Audit!!!

‘Churrin’ in Government! – Child Chairman Adrian Gibson and MOST HONOURABLE EVER!

BP BREAKING| Water and Sewerage childish Chairman Adrian Gibson has suspended Union Executive Neko Albury on Tuesday.

Albury was caught writing on social media and asking the question: What was the cost of the EY audit for WSC?

Gibson is on a path to divide the staff and breakup the Union at the Corporation.

Last week Gibson issued an warning to all WSC employees to do not post the Corporation’s information on social media. How is it asking a question becomes a violation?

The Union and its members must now take the Chairman to task and call for his removal from the Corporation…

And Most Honourable Ever gats nothing to say about this rogue! Boy I tell ya!

We report yinner decide!