Art exhibition Gives Public Opportunity To Help Others


You are going to love this collection just in time for the holidays..

Dr. William Chea and Mrs Chea [President of the Cancer Society of the Bahamas] Janet Brown [Brownstone Group, President/CEO] Gerard Brown, Brownstone Group, General Manager.

Nassau – Art lovers were given an amazing cultural treat last Thursday where they were able to sample “A Taste Of Haiti” while giving to help those in need.

The much anticipated event, which was held at the Brownstone Group gallery, featured an exhibition of tastefully decorated craft and paintings, most of which were created by Haitian artists.

Persons in attendance were urged to participate in an auction, for which all proceeds would be donated to The Cancer Society.

As Demetrius Smith, master of ceremonies for the evening, kept the bidding process at an upbeat pace, folks could be seen sampling a wide variety of Haitian cuisine, drinking wine, beer and even Haitian rum.

The Cancer Society President, Dr. Williamson Chea, said he was very pleased to be a part of such an experience as it enables the Cancer Society to help those dealing with the disease.

He commended Brownstone Group CEO Janet Brown and Manager Gerard Brown for their commitment to the organization and urged that such endeavours stay consistent as the treatment of cancer in its various forms is very important to saving lives.

Before cutting the ribbon to the doors of the gallery to officially open the exhibition, the Browns noted that it was a great privilege for them to be able to keep their promise to The Cancer Society with the fundraiser.

Since their partnership with the Cancer Society, the Browns have donated $10,000 via their GPAB (Gerard Paul Alexander Brown) Foundation.

The family was led to assist other people battling cancer after the loss of their loved one, and set up the GPAB Foundation in his name so that The Cancer Society could receive much needed funds continuously from them.

In fact, the Browns have made an indefinite pledge to hold as many fundraisers as they can going forward to help cancer patients.

All in all, the exhibition and auction were worth the wait as it proved that much can be done when people come together to help each other.

His Excellency Jerome Michel along with staff from the Haitian Embassy celebrating the opening of The Haitian Arts and Accents Gallery at The Brownstone Group.

Haitian Art canvas pieces [ framed and unframed collections].

Gerard Brown General Manager and Janet Brown President/CEO of Brownstone Group cutting the ribbon.

Haitian Coffee [Selecto] sold and distributed exclusively in the Bahamas by the Brownstone Group,

Gerard Brown General Manager and Janet Brown President/CEO of Brownstone Group cutting the ribbon.