As traffic jams continue on Milo Butler for weeks, the resurfacing comes to a stop!

A quiet slow Sunday drive on Milo Butler Northbound Lane under construction for more than two week yet still incomplete with no workers around for days.

NASSAU| It is just interesting to see how Bahamians get abused around here and this road paving exercise on Milo Butler Highway is just a classic example on this theme.

On March 24th the Ministry of Works announced that the resurfacing exercise would take only six working days to be done. That notice to the general public read: “Please be advised that the Ministry of Public Works/Bahamix will begin carrying out the previously scheduled Road Preparatory & Paving Works on Milo Butler Highway’s Northbound Lane from 9:30 am – 2:30 pm, commencing 27th May, 2019 for six (6) working days.”

Today is Sunday 9th, June, 2019 and still the corridor remains incomplete. And while this Labour Day/Whit Monday holiday weekend is one of the longest in the whole year, the corridor is less than 50% complete and has not been touched since Thursday June 6th, 2019. So what do we have here?

We have a Department in Government [Ministry of Works] which cannot be honest with the People. And, we have leadership in Government who have become numb, displaying high levels of contempt for road users who traverse this highway to commute in the early mornings.

We at Bahamas Press ask specifically:

1)    Why, after seeing the deadline was not going to be met, did Works Officials not revise its timeline to reflect the new completion date of the resurfacing exercise?

2)    Did anyone in Public Works examine via a traffic study the congestion that would result once the lanes were shutdown?

3)    Did anyone in Public Works see the need for Road Traffic to assign a traffic officer at the tip of the northern bound lane to assist in alleviating congestion and help with the flow of traffic coming out of the South during peek hours?

4)    With this entire exercise not being a priority, were there any considerations for the school children dem – who are sitting exams at this time? Someone in Works perhaps should have thought that it would be better to have the lanes closed once school is closed, just a few short weeks from now? You know, sometimes we wonder if the Public Works staff is just jacking up the FNM Government when we see the kinds of decisions made against the interests of the public! [PEOPLE ARE CUSSING EVERY MORNING ….AND THEY HAVE FIRED A GOVERNMENT BEFORE OVER THE POOR HANDLING OF ROADWORKS!]

You know, sometimes we wonder if the people we hired to look after our interests even care? Who is running this place? Where is the LEADERSHIP INSIDE THIS COUNTRY on such simple, simple projects? Where are the thinkers in the country these days?

You know, we ga leave it right there cause this is a holiday weekend and not a lick is happening on Milo Butler Highway. Come Tuesday morning we ga be right there watching the motorists cuss out the government, jammed-up in them hot cars as traffic grinds to a halt.

We report yinner decide!