Ash produced an invalid deceased man’s business license to suggest he operated a legit operation –


Who gave him the dead man’s license? Was it stolen?

BP BREAKING| Who stole the late Marco Polo Nottage’s Business License and gave it to Johnathan ASH? Ash presented Customs with this deceased man’s Liquor License! The license is not valid!

Nassau| Johnathan Ash, the man convicted for operating a bar during the lockdown attempted to use this business license to explain to the Bahamas Customs that he operated a legit liquor store. But the license is registered in the name of the late Marco “Polo” Nottage. He died back on Monday, February 17th, 2020.

Readers should remember how Polo was initially gun down and on recovery developed a blood clot and died. He had just been released from the hospital.

Polo was a resident of Venice Bay. The question should now be put: who gave Ash the deceased man’s license? Ash was not Nottage’s business partner so who gave him the dead man’s license?

Ash as an associate operated a bar on Faith Ave south during the Emergency Orders Lockdown. Customs this week seized the items out of the store demanding Ash, who is a Crown Witness under Witness Protection, to produce his customs records for the seized items.

Ash could not produce any record nor could he produce a valid Liquor License.

Well, what is this?

We report yinner decide!