Marvin Dames should pay more attention to what is going on inside his agencies before SPEAKING!


Johnathan Ash was given special treatment when he was arraigned on April 17th

Crown Witness Johnathan Ash handling in court now defended by Minister of National Security Marvin Dames – WELL WHAT IS THIS?

NASSAU| Minister of National Security Marvin Dames really took Bahamians for fools – this after he suggested in the press that the idea Jonathan Ash was given special treatment when he went to court Monday without handcuffs or shackles is “ludicrous”.

Ash was arrested and placed on police bail after he was caught selling alcohol against COVID-19 lockdown regulations. He was fined $7,000.

This week the Customs Department raided that facility where Ash conducted business and seized a number of liquor items, for which he failed to produce any documents that confirmed that the items were ever cleared by Customs.

BP warned prior to Ash’s arrest that persons selling liquor under the table were not only violating the liquor licensing act, but clearly they had turned off their VAT devices to track sales in order to properly apply vat amounts owed to the Government. WHAT A CRIMINAL!

Customs, days later, discovered that Ash had no valid license to operate his business in the first place, and, we assure you, that, if you examine his business dealings closely, he perhaps is not paying any taxes due to the government for his operations.

Back to Dames, the man who appears out-to-lunch on what is happening inside his agencies.

Ash just days before his arrest paying off a senior officer outside a Faith Ave. bar which had no valid license to operate.

Ash told the magistrate last week that he was not the operator of the business and that he was collecting money for a friend. Why didn’t police search out who that friend was on whose behalf Ash was given permission to operate? Was that “Friend” a member of the Royal Bahamas Police Force, and, if yes, what has been done to bring that individual to justice for aiding and abetting a crime?

Dames should also know this: Ash’s charges on April 17th only punished him for violating the national curfew and operating a non-essential business. Ash, readers should know, is in the Government’s WITNESS PROTECTION PROGRAMME and was issued a firearm. But look what he is permitted to engage in while in that programme? Someone high up had to be assisting him to break the law!

Also COP Paul Rolle confirmed that a police superintendent and police corporal connected to the videos, which exposed Ash’s dealings at the establishment, were both placed on administrative leave from the RBPF. But there is more.

You see, just this week on April 24th, just like Jonathan Ash, a Jamaican National, Maxine Whymms, was also selling alcohol and tobacco products inside her home on Maxwell Lane off Rockcrusher Road.

As police moved in Whymms they seized two cases of Kalik beer, two cases of Bud Light, one case of Budweiser, 37 packs of grabba Leaf, 37 packs of Gazza Leaf, a case of Marc Rogers Napoleon Brandy, vodka, gin, wine and Guinness from the home.

Like Ash, Whymms had no license to sell liquor. So how is it Mrs Whymms’ items were immediately taken by police, and Ash’s items were not? And then, days later, waited for Customs to have them removed from the building? Why the special treatment for the man in the Government’s Witness Protection Programme?

Was Ash selling liquor for the Bahamas Government?

How is it Whymms was charged for not operating with a license and Ash never charged on that count? Can you explain that, Minister Dames?

Further, Ash arrived at court the morning of his hearing [APRIL 17th] in a blacked-out police cruiser. Officers from the Central Intelligence Branch flanked Ash before he quickly sprinted up the steps to the Magistrates’ Court Complex without cuffs, leaving his guards behind. We guess he had all them in his back pocket, too, as it appears that he has the country! Well, what is this, Minister Dames? You didn’t know that? Do you pay attention to detail?

You see, Minister Dames, you need to pay attention to information. Know what you speak about or don’t speak at all; cause people like those who write at Bahamas Press do read and pay attention to facts.

We report yinner decide!

Someone brought in all these items without paying one dime in duty! Where is the Anti-Corruption Branch of the RBPF now?

BP’s exclusive access into Johnathan Ash illegal bar operated on Faith Ave. South. The Bar had no license and yet the man inside the WITNESS PROTECTION PROGRAMME operated it while the country was on Lockdown and he is issued a gun. WHAT KINDA COUNTRY IS THIS MINNIS DEM RUNNING?! #lawless