Coconut Grove resident must find $9,000 by May 30th or face six months in Fox Hill for stripping stolen vehicles

Tenaj Thompson

NASSAU| Deputy Chief Magistrate Andrew Forbes ordered a member of a car racket gang to repay all of his victims’ damages or face jail time.

Tenaj Thompson was caught in Coconut Grove on April 26th stripping a stolen Honda Fit and a Honda Accord. Good police intelligence led officers to the scene of the crime and, while his accomplices ran when police arrived, Thompson too heavy to get away was caught.

The 33-year-old, who is known to police, said he was not guilty of stealing the vehicles in question, but did admit to receiving them to do what he does better than any the car manufacturer – break them down to nuts and bolts.

For the vehicles in question, he was ordered to pay $6,000 in restitution to the car owners, another $2,000 on his receiving charges, and $1,000 for failing to remain in the confines of his home on First Street, Coconut Grove during the lockdown hours. A painful $9,000 for his wickedness in stripping vehicles which were valued only $3,000. What a lesson.

He was ordered to pay the fines by May 30th or jump on the bus to Fox Hill to suffer violence up there for the next six months.

Look how some people do let satan and his vampires trick them into foolishness! Stay inside!

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