Assistant Director of Public Prosecutions struggles with the basic concepts of Criminal Law in weekly meetings at OAG!


We at BP been telling yinner for months CARL WILSHIRE BETHEL is unfit to be AG!!! Well watch this!

David Bakibinga Assistant Director of Public Prosecutions

NASSAU| Bahamas Press is putting the nation on high alert and is warning every citizen in the country that Carl Wilshire Bethel is unfit to stand as Attorney General of the Bahamas.

Now we make this statement without any reservations as information known to us speaks volumes of the incompetence of the AG.

Bethel, you should know, recently hired two African lawyers to join the team of professional competent Bahamians at the OAG to assist the DPP within the department. But, get this, both attorneys have yet to be able to practice in the Bahamas and have yet to be properly notified or interviewed by the Bahamas Bar Association. This is incredible! But there is more.

David Bakibinga, from Uganda, who has been installed as the Assistant Director of Public Prosecutions has already displayed gross incompetence in the job. In training meetings with the Bahamian professionals to go over cases in the office of Public Prosecutions, Bakibinga displayed serious struggles with the basic, elementary concepts in Criminal Law. What in da hell is this? This is serious!

Bakibinga, in one of the recent meetings with attorneys, struggled as he attempted to grasp the basic concept of Hearsay Evidence. [BP – the fly on the wall in the office – almost dropped off the wall as we could not believe this is what Carl Bethel has brought the Bahamas to].

Bakibinga struggled with the concept of leading questions. My goodness! The criminal ga walk free if Bakibinga is ever called to practice at the Bar in the Bahamas.

Carl Bethel AG

Meanwhile, the competent, articulate, diligent and skilful Bahamian Prosecutor sitting right there in the room watching all this is a Chief Counsel at the OAG. That decent Bahamian did apply for this top post now filled by the Uganda but was deemed unqualified for the post. But this only happens when you elect leadership that does not believe in Bahamians!

What better team could be assembled to defend the prosecutorial office of the Bahamas Government than a Bahamian who has been qualified and certified by some of the best universities in the world? We gata do better. WE MUST DO BETTER!

We need a real Prime Minister with a sound legal mind to correct these problems in the Bahamas!

We report yinner decide!