Auditor General heads to Brussels to look for files – BP ga save him the trip!


So the Auditor goes to Brussels but refuses to investigate the $54 Million with Susan Larson right here in the Capital! WHAT IS THIS?

Auditor-General Terrance Bastian and Ms Maria O’Brien.

NASSAU| Bahamas Press is learning the Auditor General of the Bahamas Mr. Terrance Bastian will travel to Europe this week to conduct an audit of The Bahamas’ overseas missions in Brussels, the United Kingdom and Geneva, he confirmed yesterday.

The investigation was called for by former Minister of Foreign Affairs Darren Henfield who called for the investigations and said he had no knowledge of the expenditures inside the Brussels office and added that none of his officials (PS and financial officers) knew of the purchases either.

It was revealed during the budget debate that Brussels Ambassador Maria O’Brien (although her name was never mentioned during the debate) purchased a bed for $12,000 a rug for $19,000 and a mirror for $14,000.

BP believes all the items were never purchased but payment of said items was invoiced to another mission office. BP also believes the Brussels Ambassador cannot explain or show where these items were even purchased, and if ya ask us, someone in the Cabinet of the Bahamas knew and authorized these expensive ticket items.

The Auditor-General should just not go to the European Missions but he should consider interviews with senior former Cabinet Ministers and financial officers who knew just how the bills were paid and authorized!

We ga report and let yinner decide!