Bad accidents continue on Eleuthera…

Scenes from that bad three car collision on Eleuthera on Monday.

Eleuthera| Following a terrible three-car collision which occurred three minutes away from the Governor’s Harbour International Airport on Monday, Eleuthera residents are once again angry with the failed government and poor representation of their Members of Parliament.

As the tourism industry rebounds, there are no operational lights on the runway at Governor’s Habour International Airport. The seriously injured victim of the head on collision had to endure a painful hour-long ride on the terrible roads of Eleuthera to be airlifted out of the North Eleuthera Airport.

Eleuthera residents recall the haste in which the lousy MP moved to fire Holly Pearce, the only competent airport manager Governors Harbour Airport had seen in decades. She was replaced with a lackadaisical and grossly incompetent FNM general with no knowledge of airport operations.

Residents of Eleuthera continue to grow impatient with this inept government as the electricity was off for hours on Christmas Day, New Year Eve and again in the new year.

As if that weren’t enough bad treatment, public health officials have made it clear that there will be no attending doctor at polyclinics in South Eleuthera as management has relinquished the care of the elderly to the junior nurses.