This excellent piece delivered to us has just what Bahamas Press is all about. We encourage every reader of this BLOG to look deep inside the Bahamas and speak out for CHANGE in this country. Work hard to bring Change to this country, and deliver HOPE for our generation into the future. WE NEED CHANGE! And we cannot bring CHANGE, WHERE WE SEE THERE IS TOO MUCH OF THE SAME.

For more than 30 years we have been talking about The Judiciary. Has anything change in 30 years? NO!

For more than 30 years we have MADE LOUD THE CALL FOR LOCAL GOVERNMENT. But what has changed in 30 years?

We need a decentralized Healthcare System that delivers healthcare across the country. And, and we need CHANGE at the TOP. Hubert Ingraham and Perry Christie have been around playing politics for more than 30 years. And like them, the Bahamas has deteriorated to a ROT! BAHAMAS WE NEED CHANGE! WE NEED A NEW DIRECTION! WE NEED A NEW MANDATE OF INSPIRATION WHERE OUR PEOPLE CAN BELIEVE IN THEMSELVES AGAIN!

And when the question is asked if this is possible? We at Bahamas Press say tell them across this nation, “YES WE CAN!” Let’s CHANGE OUR COUNTRY FOR THE BETTER!

Bahamas Press tonight presents Ziggy Marley and Lauren Hill in Bob Marley’s ‘REDEMPTION SONG’! Enjoy…


  1. Media: It is always interesting to me that this and other blogs continue to focus on the negatives and we seldom look at the issue(s) straight on and make constructive suggestions for change. Making changes is difficult and either we are too overwhelmed by events that surround us or we are just plain lazy or are really satisfied with the “status quo” no matter how much we complain. You have provided us with a chance to make a difference and to effect change and no one comes here and makes a suggestion. It is my belief that we must push for local government here on New Providence. We should divide the Island into 5 sections. The city of Nassau should have its own Mayor and council. The other four sections will have a reeve and council. These sections should collect the property and land tax. There also should be local school boards elected and a school tax levied by the school board but collected with the property tax and disbursed to the school board. The local government will be responsible for the maintainance of all side roads and verges, the collection of garbage and supervision of environmental issues in the district, Parks and Recreation. The School Board will hire staff and be responsible for repairs to school plants, and the administrative services. This will allow those persons most affected to have some control over the area needs. It allows for more “on hands” decision making by the people. At no time should there be allowed any party politics involved. Although this suggestion will not be popular, no longer will home owners be exempt from property or school tax. There should be one Police Precinct for each district, with one Chief responsible to the Reeve and Council. Now this will be viewed as taking some of the “power” away from the Central Government but it will certainly relieve some of the Ministries from the day to day responsibilities that are best left to the peple most affected. It also allows for persons interested in a political career to get their”feet wet” in that sphere before they get into the “big league”. Of course, there must be a precise deliniation of powers between both levels of government but at no time should the Central Government move to exercise any control over the duly elected local government except where there might be fraud or corruption involved and even that would be a matter for the courts. This is somewhere where we can demand change but it will take more of us to work to effect change. YOU can lead the charge Media.

  2. @kevin mckenzie
    Oh my world Kevin. You said it all. I am having a writer’s BLOCK TONIGHT and you completed all what I wanted to say.

    You are soooo right. I look upon this land and I see the NATION dying. Drowning in poverty and despair. A diminishing working class and a younger generation hung in debt before they are born.

    We see the a steep decline in earnings and a possible devalued dollar. Old hardworking grandmothers in tears after losing their entire savings and grandfathers sitting on the steps of unemployment at age 55.

    Our people are confused and have lost hope. Drive through any part of Nassau and the images of Rawanda comes to mind. Scores of young men are sitting on the blocks, a reservoir of potential LOST IN THE DREAMS OF HIS COUNTRY! UNEMPLOYED AND UNEDUCATED – A RECIPE OF TERROR IN THIS SMALL SOCIETY!

    We need a turning of the corner. We need someone who can make us believe in ourselves again. We need persons who will operate at the centre and INSPIRE OUR NATION ONCE AGAIN! A person that will LIFT OUR PEOPLE TO REACH TO THEIR HIGHEST POTENTIAL! WE DID IT BEFORE YA KNOW, In 1967 and in 1992.

    We need leadership that makes us BELIEVE AGAIN! Leadership that says here is a hand up NOT A HAND OUT! Bahamians are STRONG BELIEVERS IN THE PROMISE OF TOMORROW. And as I see it tomorrow begins today…

    Come Bahamas, don’t get weary now, CHANGE YOU CAN BELIEVE IN IS ALMOST HERE….

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  3. Yes Bahamas Press i agree with you a 100% both Hubert Alexander Ingraham and Perry Gladston Christie have ill served the Bahamas .In seventeen short years they have increased the national debt by over 200%.Murder and mayhem have become a daily event.More Bahamians are homeless and without proper medical care and food than at any time in our history.Bahamians own less of our economy than we did 25 years ago.I hope Bahamians wise up and realize that the law firm of Ingraham/Christie and Davis are trying to build a Prime Minister dynasty and we must put a stop to this evil plot.Ingraham and Christie don’t have a clue as to how to grow the economy and financially empower Bahamians .In closing i would like to paraphrase William Shakespeare,some are born great,some achieve greatness like Lynden Oscar Pindling and some have greatness thrust upon them by thier association with Pindling,however they will never be able to achieve greatness by themselves.

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