Bahamas Ministry of Transport responds to Air Traffic Controllers Union

Glenyns Hanna-Martin, Minister for Transport and Aviation
Glenyns Hanna-Martin, Minister for Transport and Aviation

The statement by the President of the Bahamas Air Traffic Controllers Union has been brought to the attention of the Ministry of Transport and Aviation.

The Ministry is advised that in accordance with General Orders all controllers who worked overtime at Freeport Airport  over the last two years have been credited with  days off for time worked over and above regular work hours and further that no objection or complaint was raised during  the past two years in respect of  this  protocol.

The Ministry of Transport seeks to resolve all legitimate disputes in the interest of fairness and industrial harmony  and would urge the Union’s President to seek to  engage management  stakeholders in an effort to arrive at  amicable settlements of dispute without unnecessary vitriol or  confrontation.

In this regard the Ministry has invited the Union along with the Department of Civil Aviation and the  Department of Labour  to meet  on Tuesday to seek clarification and where necessary resolution of outstanding concerns as it relates to Freeport, Exuma and Eleuthera. In the interim we are expectant that the Union will not encourage any action which is not justified in law or in fact and which might have an adverse impact on the traveling public or the economy of Grand Bahama.

As a precaution, however, the Department of Civil Aviation has advised that it has   put in place contingencies so as  to assure there will be no disruption during this holiday weekend.


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