Bahamas on HIGH ALERT following Cholera Outbreak in Haiti

Dr. Hubert Minnis, MP and Minister of Health

The Ministry of Health was notified by the Pan American Health Organization on 22 October 2010 that it has received laboratory confirmation of cases of Cholera in Haiti.  So far PAHO has informed of more than 1,500 cases and 138 deaths. Efforts in the Ministry of Health are focused on preventing the introduction of and/or containing and treating any cases that may be identified in The Bahamas.  There are no cases of cholera or suspected cases of cholera in The Bahamas at this time.

Cholera is a disease caused by ingestion of food or water contaminated with faeces or infective material. The symptoms of cholera include the abrupt onset of profuse, painless watery diarrhoea (rice water stools), with nausea and vomiting early in the disease.  Untreated cases may result in severe dehydration and may even result in death.  Any such symptoms should be reported immediately to your nearest healthcare provider or clinic.  Washing hands and safe water are critical to stopping transmission.

The Water & Sewerage Corporation informs that it is committed to ensuring that the public drinking water supply is safe. Its Water Quality Laboratory conducts routine sampling and analyses of water following well-established protocols. The public is advised that tap water is safe to drink.

In cooperation with NEMA, the Ministry of Health and its international partners are taking steps to ensure the availability of information and necessary supplies for a comprehensive national response.

For further information contact the Ministry of Health and/or the Department Of Public Health at 502-4790 and 502 4776.


  1. I am tired of the all the governments hog wash and assurances. What are they doing to protect our borders to eliminate possibly infected Haitians from entering the country.This is exactly what Bahamians were afraid of from the time of the earthquake when the prime minister gave the ok for all of them to head to the Bahamas.

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