United States police officer shot in The Bahamas as the county plunges in a cesspit of CRIME



Bahamas Press can say what it sees next for The Bahamas. The country has plunged in a cesspit of crime and now stands at a point of CRISIS. Last evening around 10 PM, four friendly tourist whist walking along the Cable Beach strip were approached by two robbers that demanded cash.

The thieves then opened fire on one male in the group hitting visitor JOHN CASPER age 49 years old, a New Jersey police officer in the upper left chest. Initial reports indicate the shooting occurred outside the residence of the former prime minister’s home. Christie’s bodyguard heard the shooting, rush out to help, and took the injured officer by car to the hospital.

Tonight Mr. Casper is listed in SERIOUS condition in the intensive care unit at the Princess Margaret Hospital, where his injuries are listed as life threatening. But this crisis of crime in The Bahamas has reached to a boiling point in the country. In 2007 police reported 79 murders the highest ever seen in the country with some five other incidents still unclassified.

On Paradise Island just Monday past, tourist witnessed the gruesome stabbing murder of 16 year old Khodee Davis on Cabbage Beach (RIGHT IN ATLANTIS BACK YARD). And if that is not enough on Monday January 7th, a gunman opened fire in the center of downtown Nassau, where hundreds of cruise passengers gather to shop. There, they all stood in witness as a gunman murdered in their midst 17 year old Deangelo Cargill of C.R. Walker High School. But this is The Bahamas, where even criminals are given bail to commit their crimes once again. And if they are held in prison, they would live longer than the former president of Iraq, Saddam Hussein.

Bahamas Press has one question for the ministry of tourism, why talk to the people of this country about how fast your reaction is to cushion ‘the bad press’ The Bahamas is making on its own? We need a solution, we need a resolution to the crime problem that has now turned on our guests! With the old going to jail for thiefin’ and the young for murder. With the innocent being raped in public schools and junior 7th graders beating up police officers who try bring order, The Bahamas must quickly get out of this ‘stink cesspit’ of crime it has plunged in.

Bahamas press/Editor


PS: Click to read the story reporting in New Jersey and now across the US to this morning.

Click to Read: http://abclocal.go.com/wabc/story?section=news/local&id=6146128

Or : http://www.nj.com/news/index.ssf/2008/05/bergenfield_police_officer_in.html


  1. Let’s see… the law-abiding populace is disarmed and defenseless… and we’re surprised that criminals are shooting people like fish in a barrel? Starting to sound like Kingston, Jamaica to me…

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