Bahamas Press debate on Christie's PLP leadership this Sunday!


christie-ingraham-1Bahamas Press will deliver a powerful presentation on the outgoing leader of the PLP, Perry Gladstone Christie.

Today Christie we know is already on the campaign trail in a desperate attempt to gain votes for his October election for the party’s leadership. On Sunday at 2PM he will hold a meeting with officer of the party on Grand Bahama. A protest to his leadership is expected at that event on Grand Bahama.

Bahamas Press maintains that a DARK HORSE will challenge Christie in the greatest party election in this history of the PLP.

Bahamas Press can confirm that in the aftermath of the October convention, the entire leadership of the PLP will be removed. It will begin the tidal wave of CHANGE now being called for throughout the country.

Christie will once again make history, he will become the first leader ever to be rejected from the 57 year old organization. Stay Tune THIS SUNDAY [EARLY THIS SUNDAY] for this piece.


  1. @Johnny Tucker
    Patience my friend the revolution in the PLP has begun and the emergence of youing faces is good as it ensures that the party will live on.No need for Senator Fritzgerald or Paul Moss to get discouraged as youth is on their side.A smart campaign will put them in a strong position for 2012.No one will step aside so those who will secure the future can do what Senator Fritzgerald is doing grab an issue and milk it.Who has the numbers?Let us see who can call out numbers to get the attention of this inept,spiteful,Govt.Whoever is able to bring numbers to Bay Street will easily be able to secure the Leadership of a revolutionary organization..

  2. @Johnny Tucker
    The US President had as his client the head of a mob and one of the most corrupt people in Chicago! Perry and Hubert and Brave were law partners so they would all been involved in representing drug dealers or benefiting from the fees.

    LOL! Now you got that right!

  3. If you know anything about the personalities in the PLP, you will know that Glenys and Jerome will not make a team.

  4. It is my humble belief that the abolishment of the Urban Renewal Program was the most symbolic collapse of the Bahamas attempting to curtail the crime fiasco in our country. The stoppage of this program by the current administration and the hinderence of its resouces from law enforcement along with funding will have the morgues filled for years to come as a consequence to inner city violence. Mr Christie ought to be duly applauded for his efforts for the integration of Urban Renewal in Bahamian Society. Nothwithstandinig his noble deeds, It is also my belief and history would bare me to be true that leaders are fighters… They are consumed with a passion to ensuring justice is fairly dispensed in every aspect to their fellowmen.

    When the PLP came to power in 2007 one of the first costly mistakes my leader made was procrastinating when to address the Bahamian people. He simply took too long. This was the beginning of many deficient decisions while his hands was at the trottle of governance. Secondly, in every practicing democracy it is no new news that the party in power try to position their competent people to advance the cause of that particular administration. Obama did it, Bush did it and Ingraham overdid it. BUT IT WORKS… Mr Christies failure to adequately position his competent loyalist to watch his back, backfired big time and may lead to the conclusion of his career in frontline politics.

    Loosing the general elections in 2007 should have summoned a moment of self reflection, maybe where one would ask themselves, what have I done wrong or what can I do to make it better? Instead of being the fighter the country desperately needs Mr Christie has from the elections resided in a muted state. I am sorry but we have to be honest if we are going to be better as a party. The captain of the army cannot lead the cavalry to battle if his legs are always crossed, if he is ALWAYS silent; no this is not a leader. Far too many pertinent issues has transpired in the country and my leader never breathed a word… This is not the trait of a strong leader…. Again I submit, history would bare me to be true when I say leaders are fighters.

    Look at the records, everytime the PLP dropped the ball during their time of governence Mr. Ingraham either held a press conference or issued a statement on the matter. How could someone so methodical be so detached from the issues of his people? I hope the answer is not he is above our issues and dare not be bothered with such pettiness… God forbid…
    I have to question to the alleged re-emergence of BIG BAD BRAD making a bid for chairman….. Are these people guided my a committment to the upliftment of Bahamians or is it all about self-interest? And, while I make this statement you FNM’S should be asking the same questions, cause Mr. Symonette and his consortium of holdings and companies seem to be all about self-interest.

    We are at the crossroads of change in our country and the question that is fitting is, where do we go from here? I along with many other young voices of PLP’S see no future in the continuity of the Bahamian dream if we continue to see the same faces. Mr Christie I will give you the respect of granting you a grace period between now and October, if you fail to bristen up, there is no way in hell I and other young people can follow you to the polls in the next general elections. There is just no way…. Further to my concerns of same ole faces, I was not surprise to see Mr. Phillip Brave Davis throw his hat into the ring to contend for deputy leader’ “huuhh” PLP’S are left wondering because our leader says nothing to us… Is Brave’s plight really to become leader or will Christie resign after winning the leadership and Brave will eventually fall into the leadership position… we just don’t no. It’s a methodical and secret policy in the party. How will the U S government react to a lawyer being leader or deputy leader of a political party who represented some suspected narco trafficers?

    What I can say, is I see two rays of hope in the PLP who are proven and ready for the JOB as leader and deputy leader. 1. Mrs Glenys Hanna Martin and 2 Senator Jerome Fritzgerald. This is the winning team.
    The delegates are a group of oldies who are loyal to nostalgia… but trust me, “A NEW DAY WILL COME IN THE PLP”

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