Bahamas Press is reporting those who passed away in the last few days…


Mama Pintard has died at 92…

Mrs. Veronica Pintard

FREEPORT| We are sad to report the passing of one of the oldest members of Pro Cathedral Parish in Freeport, Mrs. Veronica Pintard.

Mrs. Pintard a long-standing member of this parish including the ACW and the July Birthday Club. She was 92 years old.

We pray for her children, grandchildren and her entire family during this time.

Mama Elsie Elizabeth Lotmore

BP is reporting the passing of Mama Elsie Elizabeth Lotmore.

She you should know is the mother of former DNA candidate Prodesta Moore. MAY she rest in peace.

Prison Officer Philip Bodie

Principal Corrections Officer Philip Bodie passed away on Monday.

Now Bodie we understand was sitting home watch TV when he died. Details surrounding his passing are unclear.