BP Remembers the People's Princess, Diana


At age 21 Queen Elizabeth II sent young Princess Dianna to represent the Royal family at the funeral of Monaco’s Princess who died in a tragic accident. Years later Princess Diana would also suffer a similar tragedy and died on the streets of Paris, 11 years ago this Sunday morning. The world woke up to the news, ‘Diana is Dead’, and so the world mourned for one week. Today, Bahamas Press remembers the People’s Princess Diana who departed this life on August 31st, 1997.

Death continues to walk with us, taking the very best of us and causing new soldiers rise in their place. However, somewhere deep in our hearts we cannot forget the people that shaped and molded our lives. Yes it is hard, very hard to say goodbye and Bahamas Press felt that sting of death again when our beloved friend and brother Thomas Allison Augustus Cleare Sr. departed this life on August 16th 2008. Tommy inspired us to dream, to build and yes to write. And to be determined to cause CHANGE in our country! Today Bahamas Press is proud to be called a friend of Tommy Cleare and in his legacy and spirit will fulfill his wish, and WRITE that page into the history of our country, that one day will be a new day, where CHANGE WILL COME!

GOODBYE TOMMY, and as we said before, we miss you already!



  1. Forgive me for not mentioning her in my post earlier. The people’s princess is missed, sorely. She was a wonderful person. Her biggest mistake was entering a marriage with a man who didnt really love her.

  2. Lady Di was the Peoples Princess, boy that was a dreadful moment I remeber it quite clear. her features were like just in the story books your momma would have read to you before going to bed only she was real.

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