Bahamas Press reveals another BIG SECRET!



Marijuana leaves hanging over the rear-view mirror of this Honda Accord boldly advertising drugs on sale in this vehicle. This and many other cars are displaying their trade publicly on the streets of Nassau. The big question now is, WHO WILL STOP IT?

Nassau Bahamas: Now that Bahamas Press cameras are everywhere in the country, someone has become increasingly afraid, THE WUTLESS MEDIA in the country. Bahamas Press is further disturbed with a trends going unnoticed and undetected here in The Bahamas. Have you ever seen a car with the marijuana leaves on the license plate, the gas cap,on stickers on the windows or the marijuana leaves hanging on the car’s rear-view mirror?

We might be ‘LATE AGAIN’ to know this, but we are shocked to see the number of cars riding around the streets of Nassau flashing the marijuana signs and symbols. Our ‘Deep Throat’ on the Royal Bahamas Police Force has now informed us that many of these vehicles flash the marijuana sign as an advert to make the hidden world aware that, ‘Drugs are SOLD HERE’. We are concerned here as ask, how can so many cars – could possibly be selling drugs by flashing this sign – and NOT be pulled over and searched by police? Or followed and tagged by investigation agents to see where these vehicles are going to reload their good?

Again persons responsible should look out for this, and begin cracking down on this CRIME now seen throughout the streets of our country!


  1. Wutless you too big time, man. Graycliff green label??? In dese hard economic times, we gotta go with backwood and black and mild, man… dot for sure…lol….

  2. LOL but i talkin more long the line of Graycliff green lable ya know LMAO but isnce tings tough blac & mild ga have to do iguess LMAO

  3. Slackness galore on that police force!!! Major slackness!!!! See they looking at you as crazy for following up because they know the public slack too and dont follow up on reports made.

    Wutless, smoking a little red dot or backwood aint never kill no one…..once the inside aint stuffed with something else….lol…..

  4. aye drama so what left fa the rest of us to do ….smoke cigars LOL …… but bey i know several cop i have reported and try to followup on and the lookin me like im an A^% wheni go to follow up to see the progress… wel slack all around

  5. Wutless you right !! The cops already know so THEY need to do something about it if they aren’t involved themselves.

    Rum killing out our old people and weed making our young people crazy. What next?

  6. what about RUM? thats a killer that if not most of us all of us have used more than twice but yet its use is accepted, when we know what it could do.

    but BP i think its our slack “wutless” police who are to blame because if you could come on here and tell us that an officer told you that is a “ad” bey then all the people i see rollin round with the herb on the mirror shouldnt be rollin especially in the “urban” areas….but ya know media ya cant really blame COMMISH FERGUSON ya gatta blame these avg slack ass officer who does give they boys and family a break because they can….and in some cases they let em go cause they gat they hands in the dope sellin pot BP YOU KNOW WHAT I TALKIN BOUT

  7. Video games, junk food, sodas and marijuana are all unhealthy and they should all be outlawed forever. Human tend to love things that are not good for them.

    Both drama king and Rupert was right when they talk about the harm these things can cause to us. I still think the effect marijuana can do to one’s body is greater than the rest. It can even cause lung cancer. Most criminal uses marijuana. Rupert if marijuana really makes you happy and you are able to handle it go for yourself.

  8. Everybody is entitled to their own opinion Drama Queen…. Marijuana has been around from day one, each generation has experimented with it in some form, in fact it was more abundant back in the 70’s. That generation turned out OK, witch brings me back to my main point.

    Sodas and junk food one of the main causes of diabetes and being over weight. Video games are one the main causes of our youths behaviour and this my friend is what rots your brain.

  9. Video games, junk food and sodas dont rot your brain cells, mess up your short term memory, lower your sperm count and eventually fry your brain.

    Marijuana needs to outlawed forever. It is destroying an entire generation of young men and women.

  10. Marijuana is one of Gods creations…. its only the law of man that makes it illegal.

    I think the law should be changed , not encourage its usage but to give our youths a second chance….. Alcohol, sodas, junk food and video games are all poison in my opinion and should be banned from entering out country.

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