Bahamas Press salutes Tribune John Marquis – Farewell Sir John!!!


john-m<<< Sir John Marquis

Now Britian’s got talent and to one of those talents today Bahamas Press gives PRAISE! To the man who stirred passions in ways unseen in The Bahamas, we offer a high salute!

John Marquis has been the managing editor of the Tribune and yes we at Bahamas Press have some objective commentary for him.

Yes we must agree Marquis has stirred the passions in all of us. We must say to you that our passion cannot and will not be extinguished, nor will the barrels of our fueled ink pins ever run dry. It is filled with fearless writing, an unshaken force that will live on in the annals of Bahamian history

Yes John, you unlike many have inspired us! Many times tickled us and too often caused to move in a rush of passion to make us race across these ivory looking keys to create melody in the art of story telling.

You John, you almost single handedly forced us to never accept the facts placed on the sheets newspapers. But to do our own checks and recheck with resources provided. And as you instructed through your careful crafted pen, we’ve taken your advice, which said, “When you have it and see the facts, go to the death to defend it!”

And so SIR John Marquis, do accept your knighthood from this global blog of your making. We believe it is a first of its kind, and yes you deserve it! You’ve earned it! We bid you farewell as you leave our tiny spot on the globe. We hope from time to time you continue to peep on here and give us your thumbs up, for we cannot deny we’re all made better because of your work here in The Bahamas.


Bahamas Press/Editor


  1. Come on guys. John is a very good writer. Just because he rapped on the PLP and Pindling in particular does it make him a pig. He is not!

    He had days of rapping on the FNM too ya know. The fella is just VERY GOOD at what he does….after all, he got all of your waters boiling right?….lol……John you good!

  2. JR :Trust me, I think BP was being sarcastic about Johnny Boy. Nobody is weeping about his departure no mater what he or lying Eilenn say.

    Well JR speak for yourself, because I am here weeping and it is only because this moment is so touching and very important to me. This is something I have long awaited and did not actually think it was possible. Right now, I am weeping and pinching myself, because I just can‘t believe the day is here when Mr. Marquis would be finally leaving our beautiful country. As Mr. Marquis embarks on this journey, I just want him to know if I never see or hear from him again it will be too soon. Another thing, it would have meant so much to me, if he only he had a suitcase big enough to hold Eileen in and if they could fly off into the sunset together to the point of no return and forget this little island exist. Farewell Mr. Marquis!!

  3. Trust me, I think BP was being sarcastic about Johnny Boy. Nobody is weeping about his departure no mater what he or lying Eilenn say.

  4. Thank you Mr. Mckenzie. I would not have wasted all of those words on Mr. Marquis because he wrote unsubstantiated foolishness in the Chauncey Tynes articles which were never corroborated by any facts.

  5. When BP said fair well to John Marquis, my initial assumptions was that this scumless pig was dead and that the cause of his death was over poisioning of internal pollutants. It is my prayer by the grace of Ala this white guinnie pig crawls on his belly like a snake before he bids this world goodnight. I have no respect for foreigners who by incursion dilute the integrity of Bahamian forefathers; be it Sir Cecil, Sir Kendal or Sir Lynden but that’s the cons of freedom of speech.

    For me, it is a personal desire to have his mouth facing upwards, cemented to my floor and replacing my American Standard ceramics on a cool ambiant summer night when I have just taken 4 x-lax…

    Cheers Sir John
    Eat sh-t
    Johnny Tucker

  6. John had his way but we can all say that he is a good writer and no matter how angry his writings made us we STILL went back for more.

    Farewell Sir John!! You will be sorely missed by friends and foe.

  7. Yes, John Marquis has inspired me to conduct intensive research on the validity of his writings and i have reached the concluion that he is an excellent writer of fiction and a distortionist of the truth.I will now give you some details on Chaucncey Tynes Junior and the dates it was published in the Tribune.Chauncey Tynes Junior was arrested by customs officers Michael Wallace and Clifford Ferguson in 1980 for possession of an undeclared AR-15 assaulted gun with 100 rounds of ammo.Mr.Tynes was arrested at Norman’s Cay and he LIED to the customs officials telling them he came from Rock Sound,Eleuthera when he had come from the USA.Mr.Tynes also said that he was piloting a stolen plane.See the Tribune dated 6,september,1980.Mr.Tynes also had another court case for smuggling high explosives such as grenade,see the Tribune dated 12,september,1980.The question must be asked of mr.Marquis and the Tribune why was this information omitted in his articles?Since these were both court cases the records could have been easily obtained from the courts,police and the Tribune’s archive.Mr.Chauncey Tynes senior must have known that his son was a drug smuggling,fire arm dealing,high explosive runner and plane ‘tiefing’ criminal.Mr.Marquis also tried to bring sir Lynden Pindling’s nationality in dispute when in an editorial by sir Etienne Dupuch in 28,september,1979 sir Etienne wrote that Pindling was a ‘Bahamian,not half Jamaican.’I hope mr.Marquis will now write on the role that British politicians and business persons played in this current economic melt down and why Britain is now a bankrupt nation! If any one is in doubt as to these facts please check the Tribune’s archive,the courts’records or go to the department of Archives where all your disbelief will be erased.

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