Bahamas Press sends a warning to the Smudgy Pudgy Pillsbury Doughboy


We will be going down memory lane to let the Smudgy Pudgy MP affectionately known as the Pillsbury Doughboy, that we are dusting off the files on the company known as Balfour Beatty. Some people needs to be reminded. Stay Tuned!


  1. In short order, all the points raised in this blog will be made moot. We the people of Golden Isles have been swindled by Mr. Andrew “DUD” Maynard whose son does not possess the will or energy to competently serve his constituents! The representation that we were exposed to with Senator Michael Halkitis was far superior to this ROLLY, POLY, PUDGY CLOWN!!!

  2. I think Charles Maynard is one of the most industrious and creative members of the Bahamas government. Why pick on him? Do us all a favour, pick on that jackass Perry Christie and the criminal organization (PLP) that he heads instead.

  3. Charlie Maynard has inherited the political skills and the oratorical skill of his legendary father, and seems to be on the verge of going further than anyone could have imagined. Maynard is sharp, thinks on his feet, and can hold your attention. The PM has shown confidence in Maynard, and appears to be grooming him.

    Are these the reasons that he must be stopped? If Maynard is such a clown, and not a threat he would be ignored. The worst insult that can be had is being ignored. Ask Fred Mitchell Media….

  4. No weapon formed against the Minister shall prosper! BP don’t waste your time with promoting properganda instead use your time to build up and stop tearing down, because the more you attack the greater the minister gets! The minister is serving all of the Bahamian people and doing a good job. In Jesus name stop letting the devil use you! Would you want someone to take your old skeletons out of the closet?

    • You meant to say the Pillsbury should stop letting the devil use him eh. Standby, Balfour Beatty Here we come.


  5. Mr. Dean, where are the threats? BP said that files will be dusted off and information disclosed. Thats not a threat; Thats a promise to use the information in the files in a particular way. We Bahamians, not trained in the Law should temper their outbursts until something offensive is either done or said.

    • Well Michael as you know there are some lawyers in the Bahamas who cannot interpret legal meanings if the word “LAW” was as big as the Water Tower in front of them. They mussy think BP is like ZNS, which when they write a story does back-peddle to threats. NOT US! When we drop something on ya, we don’t miss the target. And these days BP is a SMART BOMB!

      Just for being the Parliament’s bozo, we ga should him just what a JACKASS he is.

      BP don’t miss and we don’t apologize. This time he ga admit himself in Sandilands.


  6. To Mr. Andrew “Dud” Maynard, I promise you that as soon as you are ready, I will assist with your legal defense expense.

    Have your lawyer pay attention to the threats to your son.

    You have the support of many. This mean-spirited nature has to go to court.

    This has to stop.

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