Bahamas Press warns the DAVIS ADMINISTRATION to avoid reckless, INCOMPETENT, SPINELESS APPOINTMENTS in its New Day Government!


Bigtime FNM Nat Beneby to be appointed at BPL to protect Minnis Government from Investigations!

People paying their bills in BPL and yet the power remains off!
Nathaniel Beneby

NASSAU| Bahamas Press is watching closely the Davis New Day Government as it quickly assembles a team to take controls of the Government.

Prime Minister Philip Brave Davis Q.C. and Deputy PM Chester Cooper won in a landslide victory on September 16th claiming 32 of the 39 seats in Parliament; a comfortable majority of the will of the People.

Bahamas Press, though happy with the win, is becoming uneasy, concerned with the some appointments we see set to be announced.

Just this week BP received confirmation on the soon to be announced appointment of Nathaniel Beneby to the Board Chairmanship of Bahamas Power and Light.

Beneby, the former senior advisor to former PM Hubert Minnis who was paid a $100,000 in an annual contract, has already wiggled his way into the Davis team. WHAT NONSENSE!

Beneby you should know is a BIG TIME MINNIS FNM supporter who lead RBC to the rot it is today in his last days at the Bank. And while scores of Bahamians were tripped down and dragged into unemployment at RBC under Beneby the bank went south losing its control under his watch.

How could a DAVIS Government even consider such dangerous rejection? There are by far more competent and loyal administrators who can lead. BPL! This decision confuses and concerns us deeply. YOU CANNOT GROW SUPPORT Mr. Davis with the with the gathering of complete rejects and failure overseeing your NEW DAY agenda!

BPL needs a real Corporate Leader at its helm. BPL has serious systemic issues, which needs the skills of a competent administrator. Lights are still cutting off every day even after over $100 million was invested in the Corporation. Someone must investigate how did Wärtsilä get to the table at BPL? Who benefitted in such a decision which forced the removal of its last board. And how did senior members of the Board at BPL awarded themselves handsome millions in the construction of the new generators at the power company.

Nat Beneby cannot and will not lead in these serious matters. And we at BP will not support his appointment at the Chairmanship at BPL.

We report yinner decide!