Bahamas Press wonders who could be vetting the candidates now being fielded by the Green Party?


Freeport, Grand Bahama — We wonder who, and we say it again “WHO”, is back checking the men and women now being offered as candidates in the Green Party?

On Saturday, the Green Party was all dressed in their fine St. Patrick’s Day colours. And though magnificently attired, a few of the candidates we are assured have already brought deep concerns to a foreign government. If the Cables are correct, communications between the Bahamas and that ‘Stately Place’ are already written.

While all the candidates presented looked angelic, Bahamas Press could not help but notice one in particular, who has graced the stage and has passed through the Candidates Committee of the ‘Green People Dem’.

The former Free National Government supporter turned candidate for the Green Party, is a close, and we mean close business associate of the former MP for West End and Bimini, David Wallace.

That same candidate of the Green Party and former FNM general shares an office with the former MP and is said to be actively engaged in contractual works with Wallace.

Now get this, we will not call any name today, but we point the Candidates Committee of the ‘Green People Dem’ to an Anglican Church call St. Catherine. There the Green Party, the Leadership of the Anglican Church and the People of the Bahamas will find a very interesting story about that same GREEN PARTY CANDIDATE. For now we say no more, but we will deliver some and we keep some.

Bahamas Press calls on the Archdeacon of the Anglican Church with responsibility for the Northern Bahamas, to quickly deliver an edictal order the leadership of ‘Green People Dem’; powerfully warning them to BE AWARE of the character in their midst!

We deliver some and we keep some. Stay Tuned!


  1. Just read the punch and see where Patrick Paul is talking about the gays on the police force…..not sure why he wants to start there…I would suggest he start with the DNA a party that both he and his wife now a candidate are a part of – everyone knows that of the candidates named at least four of them are in the closet.


  2. I want to go to the poll and mark my X for the DNA, but I right now, I am little concerned. First of all, I don’t know whose advising Bran on some of these decisions he is making. I think who ever it is, he needs to consider replacing them. Why would they want to set up the room with his pictures on the two side of the room, then have him in the middle talking. This makes him come across as being egotistical. At least one of those photos should have been a picture of him and some of his candidate, so it would come across more like a team effort and not a one man show. This is what most people hate about Papa right now, even Bran should have known better than to allow something like this.

  3. I am very concerned about who is doing the background checks for the DNA. One fellow brought forward is:

    1.a well known down low homosexual his wife consistently

    3.was fired from government for selling immigration documents

    4.was a suspect for arson in relation to his former office space which he shared with his gay partner.

    5.Has repeatedly fired male staff who did not want to touch their toes for him

    6.Shares his office space with his two gay lovers one who likes plays and the other who is in construction

    7. He stole money from the company he worked with on Queens Highway

    8. Professes Christianity and is active with the Anglican faith as a cover but is really a foul mouth heathen who has lunch every day with his conchy joe lover.

    9.Has never run a successful business and merely depends on his lovers to support him

    This one individual has caused me to question who the hell is doing the background checks cause all of Freeport know this cat dirty to the core.

  4. Good Job BP you sure reported the news on these Wolves in sheep clothing and now i have decided!! I know Mr.Johnson from Pineridge personally he is my friend al be honest he is not the man for Pineridge..I wont say much but take my word

    • BP you wonderin’ the same thing as me!

      When Bran was talking about starting a new party, I was excited and was thinking he would attract people of his calibre – but I ain’t feeling his candidates. I might as well stay right in the boat I’m on – let me dance with Christie.

      While I have no idea who you talking about I want to know how they fix their minds to select at least three – man who really checking are they just interviewing them and talking their word? And then they dont want to accept Bastian? Hogwash!

      Man this is nonsense, people can’t keep a job in the bank and want to run the country ????? Who in their right mind will vote for these goons????

      Listen runnin a business is not the same as runnin the country – ma brother it ain’t that simple –

      We need people who are “real” men & women – not people who do their dirt and try to pretend to be upright citizens ang know they are not.

      One of them is a former classmate of mine who has shocked so many of us – the stories can be a lifetime movie! The damage I have seen done – I mean literally destroyed – and want to run the country

      Truth be told, I like Bran but he will be in for some surprises and egg will be all over his face – one of the three is mean spirited I mean – mean spirited and pretends to be a lamb – talk about wolf in sheep’s clothing – Bran that description fits one of your candidates to the T

      For the good of your party – You need to rethink some of these wannabees

  5. Hold up Wayne Munroe never voted!?! and wants to be Deputy? Bran is one ***!!!! Are we trying to elect people who are patriotic or those who don’t give a mutha duck about it but yet want tell me every time they open their mouths but go register

  6. Is Bran planning ahead to return to parliment in 2017 through Grand Bahama. Alas the founding father of the party he was with for 25 years but refuse to call his name during his speach last Saturday at DNA launch.(if he did please forgive me). Lynden Pindling name invoke throughout his speach.Did Hubert Ingraham brain wash the FNM to a point where they are afraid to call the founding father name of the FNM.Bran his name is CECIL WALLACE WHITFIELD. CECIL MADE HIS RETURN BACK TO PARLIMENT THROUGH GRAND BAHAMA after being in the wilderness.

  7. I admire DNA for going out on te limb like this. Unfortunately, though, they are using a losing formula. The candidate selection process seem suspect, their candidates are entirely unimpressive (Wayne Munroe has never registered nor voted in a general election in his life), and Bran’s is the only voice in the party. Hmmmmm…..

  8. You know all these colours are bringing back memory.
    I don’t know what got into our men, with all these colours.
    People told us:
    RED & WHITE…ya looking fa fight.
    BLUE & WHITE…Win the fight
    PINK & PINK… ya b…Stink.
    GREEN & GREEN…ya…b…an’t clean. Lol!

    This is not my type of post but the colours brought back memories. Lol!

  9. BP back off!! Stick to your FNM bashing. Ya’ll PLP’s may think you gat this. Why you try to bash everyone who is trying to make a difference? This country does not only belong to ya’ll and them! But , I must say, you working hard fa da man.

  10. BP.
    I remember during the last election,all around the island were these big pictures with the PM almost like he was running in every area. Now as I looked at the photo on the top of this page, to the left is Bran to the Right is Bran in the Middle is Bran. I guess he must have taken that one out of his papa play book aye. ” LOOK AROUND ITS ALL ABOUT ME”

  11. WOW BKC,
    You sound just like Bran’s brother who gets so defencive. please dont’ ma brother, bp is just looking out for your best interest.

    We would like to know thou, why is it that only Bran can speak at these events, are they trying to tell us all something.

    • Two Hype – I aint nobody brother bro. Just that BP is all over the place. Bran is the leader who is introducing the party to GB. Common sense should tell who should speak. If all of them speak, then you say it was too long and drawn out.

  12. The mission statement of Seaboard Marine Bahamas Ltd can be verified by checking their website:

    “To be the leader in ocean transportation to all the markets we serve. Our Existence, progress and success depends on our customers. By Creating a positive environment where our employees can work in partnership with our customers, large and small, we shall provide the highest quality service without execption.”

    “””””where our employees can work in partnership with our customer”””””

    Dario Terrelli (Blue Hills) – Sales Manager Seaboard Marine Bahamas Ltd; DNA candidate.

    Ben Albury (Montague) – sits on the Board of Directors of the Bahamas Motor Dealership Association (BMDA); DNA candidate.

    All new cars and trucks sold in the Bahamas are also priced-controlled and taxed by the government.

    In addition to BMDA sales, individuals and car lots, import an estimated 12,000 used vehicles a year according to their website.

    What is the blood relationship; if any, of Ben Albury to all of the following:

    Ford Motors
    Sandpin Motors
    Elite Motors
    Bahamas Bus & Truck


    Multi Auto Parts & Accessories

    How many vehicles, parts or supplies are shipped through Seaboard Marine Bahamas Ltd for the above mentioned companies, per year?

    “Seaboard Marine is an ocean transportation company that provides direct, regular service between the United States and the Caribbean Basin, Central and South America. “With a fleet of more than forty vessels serving over thirty-five ports, Seaboard Marine has steadily developed into a trade leader in the Western Hemisphere.”

    Seaboard Corporation, its subsidiaries and affiliates, strictly adhere to the principles of fairness and ethical conduct. We are committed to the highest standards of personal and professional conduct.

    What is this, to be caught up in, Seaboard Marine…and have we the Bahamian People become blinded to special Interest Groups.

    How is this not a conflict of interest?

    How could either, either sit in or vote on a bill or law related to vehicles, boats, gas duty’s, shipping or anything related with-out it being so?

    Are such persons qualified for the House of Assembly or the Senate and why has the corruption become so obvious..

    • I get your point with what you are asking, but the same thing comes up every time the PLP tries to bring up conflict of intrest in the FNM, by this reasoning, NO business owner or lawyer or any profesional should be alowed to run because at some point all of them would find themselves in a conflict of intrest situation, and as the PLP seems to use, it doesnt matter how far fetched or non issue it could be, ie, owning no controling share of stock in a company that gets a contract with the government, and they are screaming conflict. As I said, that would mean that only, non profesionals and line staff workers would be able to run for office. That is not ot say that conflict should be ignored, but only TRUE conflict of intrest should be focused on, but at the same time, I feel that MPs should have some knowlegde of any ministry that the get, ie, National Security should be lawyer, former police, defence force, or prison guard.

  13. i could only assume that candidate you refering to bp is one ****** *****. well green party i hope that due diligence was done in vetting your candidates there can not be a hundred percent fool proof that former party officials are not trojan horses however the dna must not be naive in their process. I am further assuming that there are no regurgitated party officials that the plp have in their midst. we are a small country people switch parties for various reasons some of which are not honest. they switch due to being disgruntle by their parties direction, not having their own way, being opportunist etc.. it is up to the parties leader to sift through the mess.

    • middle ground I agree with your point and also want to add this look at the party leaders that switch and
      we will see why the candidates follows, the leaders wasn’t having their own way. When you become a party or church hopper you need to check yourself the problem is in you.

  14. BP ya confusing me on dis whole DNA issue. One minute dey FNMs. Next Bran is a one man show. Next Dr. Rodgers is da brains. Next he ga nominate people like Steve McKinney and other phantom peoples. Next Bran and the DNA is connected to a Bill Ayers and Rev. Wright. I mus say ya all over the map on dis one. Sounds da ole political adage. Keep throwing sh*t at the wall and some may stick eh.

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