Bahamas set to lose out on two Gold Medals at the World Track Championships, thanks to Lanisha Rolle


Rolle cuts funding for Miller-Ubio and TEAM days before track event!

Shaunae Miller-Uibo. (Photo courtesy of

NASSAU| The Bahamas’ Minister of Youth Sports and Culture Lanisha Rolle is once again set to deliver national embarrassment and disgrace to the Bahamas following a decision by her Ministry to cut government support to the Bahamas’ World Championship Team.

This September the Bahamas track team is scheduled to represent the country in Qatar. At this global track competition the country’s Track Queen, Shaunae Miller-Uibo, is expected to deliver gold for the Bahamas in the Women’s 200m and 400m races, which will place her on the world stage as one of the greatest female athletes of our time.

The approved budget for the team was $116,000. However, Minister Rolle told team organizers her Ministry has cut that assigned budget to only $25,000. The decision has incensed coaches who are now prepared to forfeit the country’s chances to be represented and cancel the team’s participation in the competition completely.

What in the hell is dis?

We report yinner decide!


  1. I’m not surprised in the least bit. Poor leadership with only followers. FNM current leaderships is doomed for the boneyard.
    2022 can’t come soon enough for the Bahamian people to show them the EXIT.
    Becoming more and more clearer that the PM can’t cut it.

    • Not the words coming from the Minister of Finance – Who could not tell us how much funds have been collected for Hurricane Dorian thus far.

  2. You know, given your country’s current situation, this would be a great national pride event even if the team doesn’t do well! Just proves that politicians don’t know WHAT they’re doing when it comes to the benefit of one’s country!

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