Bahamas Tourism Advert Broadcasted in the UK say, 'The Bahamas has nothing to do?'


The Ministry of Tourism cannot be paying attention to their message advertised to guests in its European market. We came across this ad and could not believe the message being advertised. A guest who came to the Bahamas discourages another from coming here as she got married in The Bahamas last year. Our UK contacts have confirmed to us that the ad is being played and said that the Tourism Ministry must have no review board to listen to what is being said. Do watch our tube and analyze this message. What in the world the Ministry was thinking when they approve this? No wonder the Prime Minister must now need an additional $12 million dollars for the 2007/08 Tourism budget.


  1. I mean lets just take a look at this More94FM commercial on this blog, “The Best Music on the Planet”.

  2. I mean imagine the Tribune putting in their tag line, “The Tribune…the worst read in the Bahamas!” They would be speaking truth wouldn’t they? I see no sarcasm there.

  3. I asked before and I ask you this time, “What marketing campaign you know would say the product is in the negative at the end? SARCASM is never used in advertising, NEVER EVER! is writing YES! So do you know of any ad? And I would abandon my argument.

    There are some people (like those in the Ministry of Tourism) that are so smart, that they have moved from INTELLIGENT TO “PLAIN STUPID INTELLECTUALS”.

  4. Interesting argument Mr. Editor. As a markerter myself with over 16 years of experience, the point you made when you said, “The islands of the Bahamas, Nothing to do!” is all the listener takes out of this advert cannot be denied. Your insight on this ad is quite accurate.

  5. Ahhhhhhhhh, now you see the point, I would say WOW the ad is very BEAUTIFUL, but listen, just listen to the message.

    How many times are you not in front of the TV but heard a commercial, and if there is a line that grabs your attention it is rather late and the commercial is over. All you would hear in this ad is that line, “The Islands of the Bahamas…nothing to DO!”

    I am very aware of how global competition can be dictating your message on the world stage. Who is to say, Dubai is not also the clients of our marketing firm, and I would tell you this kind of counter marketing does come into play, however it is up to a competent client to analyze the message and assess it and not just leave it to an agency to conclude the message.

  6. Very good points! If this ad was heard but not seen, it would indeed be a disaster and even though we know what it is trying to say, why take a chance when it might be totally misinterpreted? Especially when we are trying to attract and increase the European visitors.

  7. I take your point Alison, that Brits would know whilst watching that ad that sarcasm is present, I would know that as well and I am nor ever hope to be a British national. However imagine, a person in EUROPE who has never heard of The Bahamas and heard (but never saw) this commercial.

    This is why a new Pepsi commercial would continue to say “NO SUGAR” because dieters are aware that sodas are loaded with tons of sugar. But listen, don’t just look at the message and tell me whether that “INTELLECTUAL” response would bear the same thinking if the commercial is heard and not seen (where the video is not running?) hmmm? A Brit told me they listened to the commercial before they saw it, and that was their response. In advertising , the opening and closing lines are the most powerful! (eg. “YOUR SIMPLY THE BEST!…….remember that? It was the tag line every time a message was completed in the last election and you know people forgot what was the message, but they sure hell remember that powerful line.) “The islands of the Bahamas, Nothing to do!” is all the listener takes out of this advert.

    In the advertising business, what major company would put out to the world a statement that their product is not good, or their product is not the best and inferior to another? IF you can name ONE, I would withdraw my entire argument. I have worked in the business, and sarcasm is never practised in marketing, it would be excellent in creative writing projects, but never EVER in marketing/advertising a product.

  8. I think you have missed the point. The message in the ad is, in fact, that there is lots to do here. As a Brit, I understand the “sarcasm” but I can understand that it could be misunderstood here. I am sure the Ministry of Tourism would never put out such an ad unless they were sure the true message would get across to potential visitors.

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