Fort Charlotte's Replica Canon Collapsing Like the Country



Here is another fact that confirms the state of neglect in The Bahamas. The judiciary is in shambles, the schools are in a state of choes and now the very monuments that tell the story of our beloved country, The Bahamas lay in ruins. Another seen at another part of the country lay waisted. This was the scene just below Fort Charlotte. In this picture a replica canon, collapsed falling into a state of ruin. This one of some three others have lost its legs. Like the unmanaged blinking traffic lights we simply ask the question, why is the Bahamas falling in such a state of disrepair, when public servants are hired and paid to look after these sites? Here is the heart of the problem as to why tourism figures to this destination are in sharp decline. THE HOUSE OF TOURISM FALLING INTO A STATE OF RUIN!


  1. The thrust of the original post was right on the mark. The posted speed limit where this cannon was located is 25 mph. The car that ran into it, was probably trying to avoid one of the many and cavernous potholes in West Bay Street. The roads are terrible. The schools are a joke. The police are corrupt.

    I worked and lived there for two years. During that time, I am aware of at least ten violent incidents of robbery, sexual assault,theft commited against my co-workers, and one co-worker disappeared forever. I am sure he was murdered, and his body will never be recovered. Does the name Patrice Knowles mean anything to you thieving police, corrupt bastards? She was the woman caught using his credit cards a week after his disappearance. His name was Darrell Cloutier, a Canadian citizen. And now he is dead.

    I will never return to The Bahamas. I will continue to relate to all of my family and friends that it is a dirty, crime-ridden, unsafe place to take one’s family.

    The people of The Bahamas need to stand up, and take their islands back from the crooked politicians and church bishops that have been bleeding them dry since thier “independence”. How many young people have to be murdered? How much money does every one of those cruise ships pay to tie up there, and where is all that money? It does not go to the schools. It does not go to the roads. It does not go to support the elderly and the sick. Drive by Mr. Christie’s home and see if he is living well. Or the present PM for that matter. One is as bad as the other.

    Bahamas, you suck. I will be pleased to watch the news, when the big hurricane that, inevitably is going to come, hits Nassau and Paradise Island, and levels them. Your politicians will have evacuated for Florida or elsewhere in The States, leaving you to drown like the ignorant vermin you are.

    sol kerzner

  2. Fine, however how long ago was that accident? Are you also willing to give us a reason as to why the Water Tower still stands close and its surroundings is such a shabby state?

  3. A car accident was there. that’s why it’s in a “state of disrepair”

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