Bahamasair Head Office should be shut down asap!

Bahamasair new ATR aircrafts.

NASSAU| Bahamas Press is making this appeal on the behalf of the vulnerable staff and kittens at the National Airline head office that the building needs to be shut down immediately to save lives.

Numerous employees in the building were exposed to the Covid19 virus and still management refuses to close the building.

The most recent person to be exposed is someone in executive management who did not show up to work today.

Shifts workers at the airport terminal have also tested Covid-19 positive and are now widely spreading the virus in the community which has had 600 cases in the past week alone.

Inside Bahamasair there is another senior manager bullying employees, all because they’re concerned about their health. That senior manager has accused staff of all kinds of things all because they are concerned about their health!

It’s already uncomfortable working at the $38,000 monthly rental space at the Doctor’s Hospital Complex COVID-19 center.

Bahamas Press is calling on the Competent Authority to step into this crisis!

We report yinner decide!