Bahamian Fishermen Apprehended for Fisheries Violation

HMBS Rolly Gray

Coral Harbour Base, 01. JUL. ‘19 (RBDF):  A Bahamian fishing vessel with 29 Bahamians on board was apprehended on Sunday afternoon by the Royal Bahamas Defence Force for fisheries violations.

While on routine patrol, HMBS Rolly Gray, under the command of Senior Lieutenant William Sturrup, apprehended a fishing vessel named, Sweet Dreams, in the Cay Sal Bank area with a large quantity of conch and a compressor on board.

Skiffs belonging to the vessel were also in the immediate area with compressors on board.  Additionally, a search of a nearby cay uncovered several more compressors.

The vessel and its crew will be escorted to the capital where they will be turned over to relevant authorities for further investigation.

The Royal Bahamas Defence Force remains committed to protecting the territorial environment of The Bahamas.