Michael Maura Jr. resigns as APD CEO…


Brent Symonette told reported he wanted to stepdown from politics before his 65th birthday…But still he will remain as an MP?

BP BREAKING| We have breaking news coming from the Arawak Port Development this afternoon where we are learning Chief Executive Officer of APD Limited, Michael Maura, Jr. has tendered his resignation from the PORT!

Why are all of Brent Boys running? What has gone down?

Meanwhile Brent Symonette has told media people he wanted to leave active politics at the age of 65.

Mr. Symonette told the press that he turns 65 on 4th December 2019 and he never intended to stay beyond his birthday, and therefore, since this was the start of the fiscal year, he believed this was the right time to go.

But Mr. Symonette will still be an MP, and if his reason is true, it could only mean he will vacate his St. Anne’s seat as an MP before winter. Mr. Symonette is sticking hard to his story even though he blindsided PM Hubert Minnis who fled the country for a week after being slapped with a letter on Friday from Brent.

Minister Symonette and PM Minnis.

PM Minnis and Symonette are business partners at APD.

We report yinner decide!


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