Bahamian shot dead in the process of stealing a bike in Florida….


Police must crack down on this illicit trafficking of stolen items between the US and The Bahamas!

Gregory George Culmer Jr. 20

NASSAU| Bahamas Press is following the shooting in Florida of a 20-year-old who is a Bahamian.

We can report on Sunday January 12th 20-year-old Gregory Culmer Jr., along with two accomplices from New Providence, left the capital and traveled into Florida to commit crimes.

From our intel the group is a part of the biker theft gang operating between Florida and New Providence. They steal bikes, disassemble them and then smuggle them, just like weapons, in parts hidden in cargo bound to the Bahamas.

BP’s intelligence sources have confirmed that, on the day Culmer met his death, he, along with two accomplices, was at 28100 Block South Miami Dade Busway, Miami, Florida in the process of committing their crimes against American citizens on foreign soil. WHO KNEW? They were conspiring together and were about to steal the motorbike of an American, who these days are all armed, locked and loaded, especially when confronting black teens.

According to information, as the bike was being stolen the owner/ caretaker pulled out his weapon and opened fire on Culmer, hitting him fatally in the head. He died on the scene. His accomplices, after seeing the shooting, quickly left the scene and jumped immediately on a flight to seek shelter back home here in the capital.

Homicide detectives in Miami tell us they still do not have any suspects but considering the circumstances surrounding the crime, we believe the case is now closed. Culmer was laid to rest this past Saturday in a grand home-going celebration for the young man. 

We at Bahamas Press thought it necessary to report these facts so (1) the FBI and its agents in the Bahamas could take note of what is happening within crime rings between Florida and Nassau.

And (2) we also want Commissioner of Police Anthony Ferguson to take note of what is happening with all these “REASSEMBLED” stolen bikes now invading the Bahamas, which is becoming occupied by the criminal class in the Bahamas. What are yinner on the RBDF and Customs going to do about this menace where persons are permitted to paraded on one wheel across the streets of the country with impunity, unmolested with these stolen, reassembled bikes? Will police and licensing agencies seek to examine one certificate of ownership from the motoring public? Or are all of us in the Bahamas just as lawless and corrupt as the violators of the law? WHAT IS THIS?

And (3) we deliver this report to advise and echo to family and friends living inside and outside the Bahamas that “CRIME DOES NOT PAY”! How could people claim they love someone, knowing that their illicit lifestyles and lawless corrupt travels and gains will lead to their demise? What kinda people are yinner? Where was Gregory Culmer’s family when he partook in such risky, childish nonsensical criminal practices? How could they have failed to warn him? Who funded those trips to the US? If this is not a lesson – we don’t know what will grab yinner attention.

Anyway, enough said on this! We at BP ga simply report and let yinner decide!