Bahamian students call on Government to evacuate them out of Jamaica quickly


<<< Dudus’ house in Plantation Heights, St Andrew. Photo by The Gleaner.

Kingston, Jamaica — Bahamian students residing in Jamaica at this hour are calling on the Bahamian government to evacuate them quickly as tensions rise on that tiny Caribbean nation.

“Keep the Bahamian students informed on what the government is doing BP, this situation is getting scary and they need to bring us home,” one student studying at the Mona Campus told BP late today.

Another student said, “I am in Kingston right now, and all I can hear all around me are gunshots ringing in my ears, where is the Bahamas government to get us out of this escalating situation?”

The Gleaner is also reporting sporadic shootings in Kingston at this hour. Resistance by members of the public to release drug lord, Christopher Dudus Coke, to US authorities have erupted violence on the streets of Jamaica.

The national guard of Jamaica have moved into townships to quiet the violence and a state of emergency was declared by Prime Minister Bruce Golding last night. Since the violence erupted, two police officers are dead and more than 6 civilians are wounded at last report in St. Andrew parish.

Bahamas Press is also advised since the criminal elements of Jamaica began their reign of terror and declared war in the country, three police stations have been firebombed by rebels opposing Coke’s extradition.

Travel advisories have come from the UK, Germany, France and North America advising travelers to avoid the country.

No statement have come, however, from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs here in the Bahamas on plans to evacuate Bahamian students studying in Jamaica.

BP can confirm Minister Brent Symonette is meeting with officials in his department at this hour to make a final decision following the violence.

BP calls on the minister to quickly address the matter and step in to protect Bahamian students caught in the war now escalating on the ground.


  1. To Cherrylyn: Can you tell us who or what the shots are fired at everyday? All I can say is that you are one brave soul!

  2. BP, I am a student studying presently in Jamaica and yes the country is in a state of emergency however international reporters have been magnifying the conditions here. most especially the BBC report the gentleman reporting is located in MOntego Bay and this mishaps have been happeneing in Kingston. Now if you know anything about Jamaica MObay is some 2-3 hrs drv away from kingston itself let alone the area in which it is happening. Just like every other person in this country we have a curfew however the police station burning down and other things happened before a state of emergency had been called. Schools are not closed people are still going to work we have been advised to remain in doors as today is also a holiday. Hello ppl this is Jamaica gunshots are heard every day nothing out of the ordinary has happened certainly not to the point where our Bahamian govt needs to waste money to send a flight for us only to have to return in a few days.

  3. BP, the BBC is reporting on this as i am writing this post. The video they are showing out of Jamaica is very, very troubling. They are showing the police station being burned down and supporters of Dudus putting up barricades in the streets in an effort to slow the army down.

    The Bahamian government needs to bring the students home cause this situation looks like its going to get worse real fast

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