Bahamian who fled to CANADA after defrauding residents in the Bahamas shot dead in Canada in front of his children!

Tessio Hanna

CANADA| Everyday we learn something new and today is no different as a Bahamian male who fled the country to Canada was shot dead.

BP is learning Tessio Hanna, who is wanted by Bahamian authorities, was shot dead in front of relatives in Canada.

Now Hanna and his wife who fled the country were wanted after defrauding plenty of people of their hard earned funds.

Details of the murder are still sketchy, but we can tell you Canadian authorities are investigating the homicide.

What is shocking though for BP is this? When did the Bahamas join China and Russia in the export hit-killings market? Now this is a shock for us! WHEN THIS STARTED? And the rate some of these killings are happening looks like they are targeting the entire family! 

BP is here to remind these thieves and killers, IF YOU LIVE BY THE SWORD – YOU GA DIE BY IT!

We report yinner decide!