Bahamians at BTC are set to be kicked out of the telephone giant and the Minnis Government has nothing to say! WHY?


A serious injustice is about to face the workers of BTC and THE BAHAMIAN PEOPLE! SOME 800 talented Bahamians have lost their jobs since the FNM Sold the company!

An injustice hovers over BTC!
PM Minnis lost and perhaps agrees for BTC to send more Bahamians home! WHAT IS THIS?

NASSAU| Bahamas Press is following some serious developments unfolding down at the Bahamas Telecommunications Corporation, which we understand is about to send home more Bahamians. 

Now, some a yinner don’t want to say one word about these developments. The Government of the Bahamas is mute on this news, so we at BP must speak up for the people.

It has come to BP’s attention that the Non Resident Jamaican CEO of BTC, Gary Sinclair along with his foreign Cohorts (CFO and Legal Counsel) have targeted 65 BTC employees for Early Retirement.

They have illegally, unilaterally changed the Employee Pension Rules without consultation with the BTC Unions, BCPMU and BCPOU. This is a fact!

Close of Business Day, Friday 25th January 2021 was the final day for staff to apply for this New Enhanced Early Retirement Program.

BP wants to inform Bahamians that when the FNM gave away BTC to Careless & Wuthless (CWC), BTC had over 1,260 Employees! Today, BTC has about 400 Employees.

Over 800 talented Bahamians have lost their jobs since the GIVEAWAY and are on the breadlines while foreigners are working and sending all your money home in remittances. 

Bahamas should note that BTC now has Jamaican CEO or Grenadian CFO or Trinidadian Legal Counsel!

GARFIELD SINCLAIR APPOINTED CEO OF BTC – He gat the Jamaicans calling ya all day!

Neisha Butler (CFO) is from Grenada and came here with C&W. Nicole Watkins (Legal Consul) is a Trinidadian who came to BTC from Cable Bahamas!

We want yinner to watch this closely as Hubert Minnis Prime Minister has not a damn word to say about all this injustice, which is about to go down against Bahamian! Any a yinner see how they treat us yet?

Bahamians are fighting for OIL when our most precious NATURAL RESOURCE (OUR OWN PEOPLE) are being SENT HOME TO THE UNEMPLOYMENT LINES EVERY DAY!?


Stay Tuned MORE TO COME!

We ga report and let yinner decide!