Bahamians don’t want to hear another word about roads for the next 100 years – so get that conversation off the table!


MORE TAXES FOR WHAT??? Bahamas Press Sunday Special – PART ONE – Expel the damn PIRATES NOW!!!

Ray McKenzie want yall pay traffic tolls now.

Nassau, Bahamas — An Engineering firm headed by one Ray McKenzie was giving the Guardian his next big gig to rip off the Bahamian taxpayers by advising the government to introduce road tolls around the New Providence expressways.

The logic behind it is to suggest that here is a way for the government to find funding to pay for its almost quarter of a billion dollar investment in road corridors around the country.

Mckenzie, yinner should know, was around in the First Ingraham government when all this plan started about road construction on New Providence. And when Mr. Ingraham returned he was somewhere consulting the Ministry of Works; getting contracts at Bah Mar and at LPIA just to name a few.

Now what McKenzie didn’t declare to the press when he spoke is the fact that his company, Caribbean Civil Group [CCG] Limited, is currently responsible for the hackle up and poorly managed traffic lights that stay blinking night and day across the country while they are paid to fix them.


PLP Gold Rush viceroy and Minister of Works Philip Davis should not take advise from people like Ray McKenzie who got the Bahamian people in this road debacle in the first place.

The nerve of some people who lead the government down this costly road and spend million upon million to expand roads when we refuse to accept the idea that the Bahamas is not New Providence! So we already spent one quarter of a billion in Nassau and yet we ga spend millions more here again? This is LUNACY!

We wish to remind people like McKenzie and others that the Bahamas is 700 islands long and roads on family islands in piss-poor conditions. And before we talk about New Providence and roads again, have a heart and remember that the people of ACKLINS, CROOKED ISLAND, Long Cay, Inagua and Mayaguana are suffering for other much needed development.

Fact is we are taxed already to holy hell when it comes to charges to drive on the road. Tax already exist on gas that is the highest in the region, yet someone want impose another tax on us?

In short: the last thing we in the Bahamas should be having a discussion on is roads! The country’s attention needs to be focusing on plans and energies for Family Island development and finding ways to get all these people [foreign and nationals] off New Providence.

We need to spend a quarter billion revitalizing our farming industry, redirecting resources in developing technology and business, modernizing the services of government and pumping investments into manufacturing, crafts, monuments, culture and youth development.

People like Ray MCKenzie who drove the nail idea in the head of Hubert Ingraham to spend a quater billion dollars on New Providence roads cost the FNM an entire election. New GOLD Rush leaders should not be drawn down the same road taking advise from McKenzie! We advise it will be costly and the PLP will suffer for it!

And while we redirect our limited revenue away from roads, the Bahamas Government must now seriously look at trimming expenses in order to create a more efficient economic environment. While we cut spending we should impose reduce car sizes, remove high emission cars [smoke bomb vehicles] off the streets, encourage carpooling, upgrade the busing network with stronger regulation; making it safe to ride the bus. We need to clamp down on the infractions by motorist so we develop law and order on the road; crack down on illegal and underage drivers, tints, unbuckled drivers and cars without light to remove the danger while on the city’s road network. In short – we must examine order on the roads- not more taxes. And we ga say it again; Bahamians paid more to drive just last year through higher inspection, licensing fees and gas increases. The last conversation the THIEVES should be raising now is a new tax!

We will not have it!

We ga say it again for people like Mckenzie and others to hear: “The last thing the Bahamian people want hear in any conversation are “ROADS”. There is no place in our development for that conversation at this time. We have suffered enough!

Yinner cannot see we sick and tired a dat?

We report yinner decide.