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KFC Nassau Forced to Lay Off Team Members Due to Pandemic

KFC Carmichael held up by robbers Sunday morning.

STATEMENT| An unprecedented economic slowdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic as well as reduced operating hours brought on by the government imposed curfew have forced the management of Restaurants Bahamas Limited, operators of KFC Nassau to lay off 35 team members.

“For almost a year now, the curfews imposed on New Providence have severely impacted sales and revenue. We have made adjustments throughout this pandemic in order keep everyone employed, but unfortunately we now find ourselves in the position where this very difficult move is simply unavoidable,” explained Nina Maynard, Human Resources Director Restaurants Bahamas Limited, operators of KFC Nassau.

The 10pm daily curfew that remains in place for the island of New Providence means the fast food restaurant loses an entire segment of business. The company is unable to continue to provide its over 360 team members with their contractual days and hours that were based on a pre-pandemic operating schedule.

The company has lobbied government in hopes of having the curfew extended until later in the evening now that new COVID-19 cases in New Providence have declined, however those efforts have not been successful.

The layoffs will take place across the company’s nine locations.