Bahamians must learn how to pray and hold their tongue!


KFC Prince Charles needs security!

Dear Editor,

Yesterday I was enjoying a hot piece of KFC chicken in the Prince Charles Drive area when all of a sudden a quiet dining environment almost turned into a fistfight between a fruit vendor and some hungry young man.

Apparently, the young man had asked the vendor if she was on the line. She didn’t reply while picking her fingers with her apron on. And then, like a mad woman, the reply came – “What kinda F^&K-ing question is that?” Then came the response from the ruffian, “Miss, I ain’t on your run, ya know? – Say the wrong thing now and watch I tear off your head!”

By damn, Mr. Editor, already I was transported from the beautiful Bahamas and dropped deep in the middle of Afghanistan. I slid under the table just in case the vendor pulled out her dagger and the bad boy his high-powered weapon. The temperature in the store turned from cold to hot and in that split second the tension and look in everyone’s eyes was focused on the pair. You could have cut the tension already in the room.

How we got like this? Where is the respect for each other? Where are the “SOFT WORDS WHICH TURN AWAY WRATH”? I don’t believe our people are thinking straight these days. And many more of us are still unaware of who we are speaking to! Mental illness is real!

I hope someone reads this message today and turns away when they walk into something like this. I hope they express the words “Sorry” if they ever find themselves in this same situation. We must be Christians and bearers of peace!


Edward Saunders