Bahamians see through Minnis, Pintard and their car full of clowns and want them held accountable…

The Opposition latest band of misfits led by Minnis!

Dear BP,

Just a brief note to remind the entire country that the Minnis led Free National Movement was the worst government in the history of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas.  

This is an easy claim to prove, because, to be the best government the country has ever seen, you would have an unparalleled amount of success which would separate you as a group from other administrations. 

To date, the Pindling led PLP that achieved majority rule and independence still comes out on top.  
I make this claim, about Minnis’ FNM because I have seen the useless trolls hitting the airwaves seeking to derail the economic policy of the new government zeroing in on the VAT free food items that are now going to be taxed.

This was the biggest of deals!  How could the PLP remove the vat free designations on certain food items. 

What I have concluded, BP, is that the new FNM Leader and the old FNM Leader are they co-leaders, or does Dr. Minnis lead the FNM party from the 1st to the 15th of the month and Pintard takes the 16th through the end. 

Unsure how that is supposed to work, but the issue is everyone, even this fair and balanced media, fell into the trap of the red herring thrown by the FNM.  The VAT free items the FNM placed on a list in 2018 consists of twenty-two (22) items, among them cheese and milk and the like. 

What they do not tell you is that they charged VAT on all items on that list at the border when they were imported.  As noted in their VAT Breadbasket Consumer Guide, “The zero percent rate on the breadbasket items and medications only apply to the wholesale and retail sale of those items within the Bahamas.\

Therefore, a business that imports these supplies will pay VAT on the importation at the standard rate of 12%.”  Amazing how they never mention something so troublesome, like facts, or the truth.  The sad part about this is that all this information is very public, thanks to them, because they loved putting out flyers, booklets, and whatnot.  

How compromised is the fourth estate in this country, that journalists will not even do the lite work and confirm or disprove the innuendo, half-truths or why do not we call them what they are: bold faced lies!

The truth is the reduction of VAT to 10% is not only restricted to these twenty-two (22) items in the food store.  The reduction is applied to EVERYTHING: ALL SERVICES WE PAY FOR,  ALL GOODS WE PURCHASE, ALL THE BILLS WE PAY, CABLE, WATER, POWER, GAS, MEDICATION, RESTAURANTS, MOVIES,  ETC.

Anyways, I don’t know if the FNM is even aware, but poor folks buy other things too like meat –  chicken, ham, and pork chops – and all of those were reduced by two (2) percent as well.  Also, that includes the reduction in VAT on the import of these goods as well, which means ultimately overall prices should be lower.  Unless of course you belong to one of those families that think they own the Bahamas like the Kellys , Holoweskos, Mauras or Symonettes. 

The savings are noticeable, and anyone who has bought groceries knows what I am talking about.  
The government’s decision to cut taxes was a bold one that will pay dividends.  

I am convinced Bahamians can see through the BS and hold Minnis, Pintard and their car full of clowns accountable.  From what I can see, their own words will continue to bury them.

Sincerely yours,

Freedom of Speech