Bahamians set to receive National Honours for their service to country





In accordance with the provisions of the National Honours Act, His Excellency, the Governor-General, The Most Honourable Sir Cornelius Smith, O.N., G.C.M.G., Chancellor of the Societies of Honour, is pleased to announce the 2023 conferral of awards under the National Honours Act to Citizens of The Bahamas and to Foreign Nationals who are Heads of foreign governments or who have given exemplary service to The Bahamas.

Order of National Hero
Dame Doris Johnson, DBE (Posthumously)

Order of The Bahamas – Companion
His Excellency Lowell Jason Mortimer, OBE
The Hon. Cynthia Pratt, CD
Rev. Dr. Harcourt Whitfield Brown (Posthumously)
Dr. Michael Perry Gomez
His Grace the Most Reverend Patrick Christopher Pinder, CMG
Mrs. Eileen Dupuch Carron, CD, CMG

Order of The Bahamas – Officer
Rev. Kenris Lolietha Deveaux-Carey, OBE
Mrs. Lynn Pyfrom Fletcher Holeswesko, CBE
Reverend Dr. J. Emmette Weir (Posthumously)

Order of The Bahamas – Member
Mr. Edward Clement Bethel (Posthumously)
The Hon. Senior Justice Bernard Selkirk Anderson Turner
The Hon. Mr. Justice Milton Augustine Evans
The Hon. Mr. Justice Kim Neville Adderley (Ret.)
Mr. John Vincent Dean (Posthumously)
The Honourable Mr. Justice Jon Isaacs
Dr. Richard C. Demeritte

Order of Excellenc
Mrs. Erica Gates (Posthumously)
Ms. Nina Lynn Gape
His Excellency Paul Kagame, President of the Republic of Rwanda
Ms. Maxine Waters, Congresswoman, United States of America

Order of Distinction – Companion
Mr. Admiral Lorenz Ferguson Sr.(Posthumously)
Mr. Alfred Eric Carey
Mr. Amos Ferguson (Posthumously)
Mrs. Andrea Elizabeth Eyvonne Archer
Mrs. Anita Verthia Beneby
Mrs. Barbara Hanna-Cox
Mrs. Barbara Pierre
Mr. Brensil Rolle
Rev. Dr. Carlton Bursil Moss
Commissioner Clayton Leroy Fernander, KPM
Commissioner Bernard Kenneth Bonamy (Retired) (Posthumously)
Commodore Clifford Wellington Scavella (Retired)
Commodore Davy Franklyn Rolle (Retired)
Commodore Tellis Andrew Bethel (Retired)
Commodore Roderick Bowe (Retired)
Commodore Dr. Raymond Emmanuel King
Rev. Edwin Taylor
Mrs. Effie Walkes (Posthumously)
Mrs. Eleanor Philips
Mr. Errison Pallman Johnson
Mr. Errol Winston Bethel, OBE
Mr. Everette Ferguson (Posthumously)
Captain Fernley Arthur Palmer
Ms. Frances Butler (Posthumously)
Pastor Francis Carey III, OBE
Assistant Commissioner Grafton Orlando Ifill Sr. (Retired)
Mr. Harl Joseph Taylor. (Posthumously)
Bishop Helen McPhee
Pastor Henry Carlisle Francis
Hon. Dr. Earl D. Deveaux
Hon Theresa Maria Moxey-Ingraham(Posthumously)
Mrs. Mabel Walker (Posthumously)
Ms. Maria-Teresa Butler
Ms. Marion Stuart (Posthumously)
Mr. Mark Wilson
Mr. McFarlane Anthony Gregory McKay aka Tony McKay (Posthumously)
Mr. Raphael Aguard Munnings
Mr. Ray Minus Jr. (Posthumously)
Mr. Reginald William Eldon
Mr. Reginald Charles Grant (Posthumously)
Mr. Ricardo Pedro Deveaux
Mr. Robert Love (Posthumously)
Dr. Sandra Dean Patterson, OD
Mrs. Shawn M. Turnquest
Mr. Sherlyn Wellington Hall
Mr. Sidney W. Smith
Ms. Sylvia Eujeneth Scriven, OBE
Mr. Theordore Grant Glover (Posthumously)
Mrs. Valerie Trephena Hepburn-Knowles
Ms. Vernice Walkine

Order of Distinction – Officer
Mr. Alfred Willliams
Mrs. Anita Elizabeth Collie- Verdecia
Mrs. Diane Holowesko-Dunkley
Mr. Horizal Alex Simmons
Mr. Irvin Montgomery Taylor

Order of Distinction – Member
Mrs. Eulease Cynthia Beneby
Mr. Alexander Doyle Burrows
Mr. David Jabis Knowles
Mr. Fletcher Ferguson
Mrs. Inez Maria Ferguson-Peet
Mr. Kevin Maurice Moss

Order of Merit- Companion
Mr. Alexander Wellington Gibson
Mr. Alfred A. Rolle
Mr. Breon Standford Leary
Mr. Carlton Russell
Ms. Cheryl Bastian
Mrs. Cheryl Marie Marshall-Campbell
Ms. Clare Rolle
Mr. Daniel Nixon
Mr. Diallo Gary Ingraham
Mr. E. John Deleveaux
Mr. Edison Alric Dames
Mr. George Gilbert Esdale Pinder
Mr. Gladstone Moon McPhee
Ms. Harrington Marlyn Nixon
Ms. Helen Smith
Mr. John Richard Phillpot
Mr. John Sidney Rolle
Mr. John Johnson
Mr. Kirkwood Rodger Cleare
Deputy Commissioner of Police Leamond Jerome Deleveaux
Deputy Commissioner of Police Loretta Mae Mackey (Retired)
Mr. Marcellus Charles Taylor
Mr. Marvin Henfield
Ms. Melberth Una Emmerita Charlton
Mr. Michael Symonette
Mr. Michael Reckley
Mr. Michael Todd Braynen
Mr. Nathaniel McArthur Dean
Mr. Nathaniel Beneby Sr. (Posthumously)
Dr. Norris Stubbs (Posthumously)
Mr. Philip James Stubbs
Mr. Richard Johnson
Mr. Russell Miller
Mrs. Sheila Mae Culmer
Mr. Stuart Bowe
Mr. William Bill Naughton

Order of Merit- Officer
Mr. Arthur Lightbourne
Senior Assistant Commissioner of Police Ashton Fitzgerald Greenslade (Retired)
Mr. Basil Minns
Assistant Commissioner of Police Bernard Kenneth Bonamy Jr.
Ms. Brendamae Catherine Cleare
Ms. Brynda Knowles
Mr. Charles Smith
Assistant Commissioner of Police Craig Andrew Stubbs
Assistant Commissioner of Police Dellareece Marie Ferguson
Mrs. Denise Verna Williams nee Knowles
Mr. Donald Shannon Bullard, Sr.
Mr. Edrin Symonette
Mr. Emmanuel Nathaniel Rolle
Mr. Frederick Byron Ferguson
Mr. Hilbert Richards, Sr.
Mrs. Hilda Louise Symonette
Mrs. Juanita Estella Colebrooke
Assistant Commissioner of Police Kendal Alexander Strachan
Assistant Commissioner of Police Kenwood Elroy Taylor
Assistant Commissioner of Police Kirkwood Andrews
Mr. Llewellyn Augustine Cartwright
Mrs. Pamela Carol Mary Jones-Burnside
Ms. Pandora Virginia Williams
Mr. Samuel Elijah Butler
Mr. Spence Michael Finlayson
Mrs. Stephanie Eudence Johnson-Bethel
Mr. Stephen Sawyer
Assistant Commissioner of Police Theophilus Andrew Cunningham
Mr. Ural Bertram Pinder
Assistant Commissioner of Police Zhivago Henry Dames

Order of Merit- Member
Mr. Albert King Dilette (Posthumously)
Mr. Alexander Thompson
Ms. Almela Sheila Campbell (Posthumously)
Mr. Alphonso James Smith (Posthumously)
Ms. Alvery Vernice Hanna
Rev. Andrew Christopher Burrows (Posthumously)
Mrs. Anita Jane Bethel-Williams
Mr. Anthony Rudolph Marshall (Posthumously)
Mr. Arthur Talmage Peet
Ms. Barbara L. Bethel
Mr. Basil Sands ‘aka’ The Kid (Posthumously)
Mr. Brendan Gregory Paul Foulkes
Mr. Carl Bethel
Mrs. Carol Leila Hanna
Mrs. Clara Elizabeth Evans
Mr. Corydon Cyril Mitchell
Mr. Danny Thomas Davis
Ms. Debbie Bartlett
Mr. Derrick Bookie Nesbitt
Ms. Dorothy Panza
Mr. Earle Bethell
Mr. Edmund Errol Dorsett
Mr. Edward Josh Wilkerson
Mr. Everette Standord Miller
Mr. George Arlington Martin
Mr. Godfrey Gordon Rolle
Mr. Greg Christie
Mr. Henry Anselm Wemyss
His Excellency Tony S. Joudi
Pastor Israel Jenese Pinder
Mr. James Pinder
Mr. John Jefferson Scavella
Ms. Juanita Percentie
Mr. Kirk Smith
Ms. Krista Danielle Sherman
Mr. Laddy Daswell Bevans
Mr. Lionel Dorsett
Mrs. Marina Allerdyce Louise Strachan
Mr. Max Dean
Mr. Mike Smith
Mr. Morris Rufus Rolle
Mr. Nixon Simms, Jr.
Pastor Joel Rolle, Sr.
Mr. Randy Rolle, Sr.

Order of Merit – Member

Mr. Reg Smith
Mr. Rembert Albury
Mr. Ron Overend
Ms. Rozanna Predesta Moore
Mr. Samuel Leviticus Saunders
Ms. Sandra Edgecombe
Rev’d. Fr. Sebastian Arthur Campbell
Mrs. Sophia Ann Butler
Mr. Stephen Hubert Beneby
Ms. Sylvia B. Beneby
Dr. Theresa E. Moxey-Adderley
Ms. Velma P. Dorsette
Mr. Vivian Prince Rolle
Mr. Watewell Rigby
Mrs. Winifred Cornell Barry nee Saunders
Ms. Yvette Stuart

Medals for Acts of Bravery
Mr Anthony Garfield Archer
Mr. Jeffrey Hugo Gibson ( Posthumously)
Mr. Lorenzo Douglas Carey
Mr. Patrick Neil Rickey Johnson (Posthumously)
Mr. Shawn Roosevelt Rolle
Mr. Sullavin Benjamin McKenzie

Distinguished Service Medal
Mr. A. Alan Strachan
Ms. Agatha Louise Delancy
Mr. Anthony Leslie Ryan
Ms. Antoinette Rolle
Ms. Antoinette Donnalee Stuart
Mr. Basil Andrew Dean
Mrs. Belinda Raquel Clarke-Chipman
Mrs. Betty Ann Lloyd-Turnquest
Mrs. Blanche Alicia Sherman-Weech
Mr. Carl Fred Curry
Ms. Charlene Rahming
Mr. Charles Edward Hall
Mrs. Cheryl Fox-Cambridge
Ms. Claudette Andrea Rolle
Mr. Claudius Bethel Sr.
Ms. Curleane Gwendolyn Weech
Ms. Daphanie Sawyer
Mr. David James Poitier (Posthumously)
Mr. Derence Anthony Rolle-Davis
Mr. Donald Allen Fernander
Ms. Elmeta Rolle
Mrs. Elva Margaret Smith-Russell
Mr. Ercell Dorsett
Mr. Godfrey Knowles
Mr. Henry Adolphus Nixon
Mr. Hilton Emmanuel McIntosh
Mrs. Irene Parker (Posthumously)
Mr. James Washington Pratt
Mr. John Ellis Cunningham Sr. (Posthumously)
Mr. John Nelson Davis
Ms. Judith Pamela Thompson
Ms. Julie Bertha Thompson (Posthumously)
Mr. Keno Ricardo Wong
Mr Kenry Alexander Stubbs
Mr. Kevin Delancy
Mrs. Lelah Deloris Farquharson-Cunningham
Mr. Leonard Brave Stuart
Mr. Lincoln James Maycock (Posthumously)
Ms. Loretta Jones
Mrs. Malvenia Dawkins-Williams
Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Clare-McCartney
Mrs. Mavis Suzanne Ellis-Saunders
Ms. Mavis Knowles
Mrs. Mazell Beatrice Hinzey
Ms. Michelle Farrington
Mrs. Millard M. Bethel
Mr. Paul Duncombe
Ms. Peggy Elizabeth Albury
Mr. Peter Weech
Mr. Phillip William-Dorsett
Ms. Playdale Newton
Ms. Portia Patrice Sweeting
Ms. Rebecca Pamela Johnson
Mr. Rudolph Vincent Bowe
Mr. Rudolph Hazlet Ferguson
Mr. Ryan Oneil Forbes
Ms. Sandra Pauline Walker
Mr. Sean Ricardo Wright
Ms. Sheron Lydia Johnson
Mr. Sherrick Lingstone Ellis
Mr. Sidney E. Darling
Mr. Stanley Benjamin Pinder (Posthumously)
Ms. Stephanie Burrows
Mr. Stephen Knowles
Ms. Tezel Florine Anderson
Mrs. Valderine Cordelia Turnquest –Rumer
Ms. Veronica Theresa Burrows
Mrs. Wanda Lucile Kemp-Stuart
Mr. Xavier Colton
Ms. Yvonne McDonald (Posthumously)
Ms. Zelma Maxine Albury

Further, His Excellency, the Governor-General, acting in accordance with Section 4: 5(a) of the National Honours (Amendment) Act, 2023 is please to recognize of the following persons for long and exceptional service to the Governor-General:
Mrs. Doris Whyms
Mr. Edgar Kemp
Mr. Jack Thompson
Mr. Joel Bucannon
Mrs. Patricia Musgrove-Gooding
Mr. Philip Saunders
Ms. Rochelle Major-Minnis
Mrs. F. Samantha Gray
Mrs. Sherlyn Bastian-Wallace
Mrs. Tiffany Frazer-Dean

July 10th, 2023
Nassau, N.P.,
The Bahamas