Bahamians under House Arrest while COVID19 guest flood the beaches of the Bahamas!


Bahamians cannot got on the beach – but “Da Lockdown” PM blocks Bahamains from beaching! LOOK AT THIS?

BIMINI| “Da Lockdown” PM Hubert Minnis told you you cannot go on the beach but look at this! This is a video from Bimini taken this past Friday with the COMPLETE Lockdown in full effect.

Guests are Up and Down on the beaches of the Bahamas swimming, snorkeling, and catching a suntan, while you THE BAHAMIAN cannot come outside. RESTRICTED and criminalized for breaching the rules of the Competent Authority!

Under House Arrest and bathing with sweat in the summer’s heat cussing Minnis. But what will you do about these communistic, unlawful, discriminatory rules against the Bahamians? Perhaps nothing!

The PM is not a believer in democracy! This Is WRONG!

We report yinner decide!