NIB being spayed down as another COVID19 case surfaced!

COVID19 sanitization teams showed up at NIB on Friday.

NASSAU| Covid19 sanitization teams were called into the National Insurance Board after a positive tested patient surfaced.

Expect the numbers to go up as the guests continue to come into the Bahamas untested and our leaders know just what BP is saying.

HEALTH OFFICIALS say some 69 new cases were confirmed on Friday. Some 30 from New Providence, 31 from Grand Bahama, 7 from Abaco, and one from the Berry Islands.

BIMINI now has 40 COVID cases, and guess what? Looks like there is a low number of recovery patients.

We are also convinced that many people whose relatives tested positive (AVON Saunders on BIMINI) and are placed in quarantined are not being tested! Ms Saunders died over the weekend in her house while her son was airlifted! But who gives a damn?! This is the Bahamas!

We report yinner decide!