FALSE PROPHETS have silenced the church and the world with the ‘plandemic’ of COVID19!

Bill Gates

NASSAU| There appears to be one serious and dangerous psychological game being played around the world and it’s called COVID19. Apparently no one wants to die! And, so, persons follow rules that are completely against their civil liberties. Because NO ONE WANTS TO DIE!

One day everyone on earth shall die! This is the truth of the ages. Death is certain and sure. In fact, statistics tell us one out of every one person dies! And that goes for every living creature on earth. Nothing lasts forever! This COVID19 media blitz has enlighted my consciousness that NO ONE WANTS TO DIE and the fear of that eventuality has been skillfully inserted into the playbook of those who master the art of deception, lies, and deceit to lead people.

Like, has anyone really studied this Bill Gates character, who, though he has not practised medicine once is his life, has created some powerful potent protective vaccine for you which will save you from death (COVID19)? FALSE PROPHETS!

The Gates ‘Plandemic’ has set the world upside down, breaking down laws and creating new ones, all in an effort to strangle civil liberties and hijack the greater global economy to provoke devastation and destruction! Ahhhh…. we must be aware of FALSE PROPHETS operating from inside and OUTSIDE THE NATION!

The Gates global plan has promoted vaccines, all to the destruction and peril of humanity, and yet neither the political leaders, nor the medical professionals, nor the church leaders nor Christians are reminded how Matthew 24:11, in the words of Jesus Christ, reminded us: “Then many false prophets will rise up and deceive many.” You thought they were only in the church, eh? Gates is not a doctor? No, he has not practiced medicine. But yet someone believes he can cure the world of a virus (that someone created) through a vaccine. Who could be controlling his direction with all this madness? I believe some power of darkness has his attention.

But you know what most concerns this writer is how leaders, who should be spiritual around our nation and who should be standing watch on the wall to announce when darkness seeks to overtake the land, are found wanting! They have gone quiet. They are lost in fear and are mute. HAVE MERCY!

The new Emergency Powers of the Competent Authority have restricted worship and locked up the doors of the CHURCH WITH THE PERMISSION OF ITS SO-CALLED SPIRITUAL LEADERS! I could have a church in the Mall, shopping all DAY – but cannot gather in worship in the HOUSE OF GOD! Look how the power of darkness gat us for fools! But as Isaiah told the irresponsible leaders of Isreal in his book:

They are all dumb dogs,
They cannot bark;
Sleeping, lying down, loving to slumber.
Yes, they are greedy dogs
Which never have enough.
And they are shepherds
Who cannot understand;

Covid19 has shown this writer that GREED has overtaken us all! So much so that NO ONE WANTS TO DIE or prepare for that finality when all must end!

And, yes, the nation is now being guided by the spell of FALSE PROPHETS who preach lockdown, close up, stay inside, wash ya hand and (no, don’t let me go where Darrold Miller gone) don’t wear a mask – no – wear mask! Lock up the Church but keep the shops open. Stay off the beach – but guests could hop the fence and bring their boats on the beach all day while the natives stand in fear for their lives.


We report yinner decide!