Bain Town woman caught a house on fire after argument – now three homes are completely destroyed!

Bain Town woman left homeless after she allowed another homeless woman into her home.

NASSAU| A woman who was welcomed into a home last week allegedly burnt that home to the ground along with two other homes in a yard today in the Bain Town community. 

The fire started around Thursday afternoon in the first structure, which was the home of the woman’s boyfriend.

Residents tell us the woman was just invited into the home last week and today, after an altercation with some residents inside, she caught the mattress ablaze, burning the structure completely to ashes. Now, everyone is out of a home.

Police, though, is holding the suspect on arson charges. The pandemic and the hardship have hit the community hard and deep, rendering many renters homeless, unemployed, hungry, sick, and into deep, deep stress.

Two neighbouring structures were also burnt to the ground as a result of the uncontrolled violent flames which quickly spread.

The suspect is alleged to have entered into a big row with other occupants just before the blaze. 

One of the occupants said the home was her grandmother’s home and it was just last year when she had redone the roof on the structure. 

Furniture and rubble could be seen reduced to charred ashes, leaving just an open space of debris across the yard where the structures once stood. This is tough.

Police are investigating the incident and confirm persons are assisting them with their investigation.

‘We report yinner decide!