BBB Analytics poll projects Bahamian voters are READY FOR A NEW DAY!


Cat Island, Rum Cay and Salvador is set to produce its first Prime Minister!

Opposition Leader Philip Brave Davis Q. C.
PM Hubert Minnis

NASSAU| Breaking News coming into BP, confirms what is going on in The Country. The Electorate is ready for a Change in a Big Way.

BBB Analytics was commissioned to conduct a poll on behalf of BP. The Poll was conducted over a three week period during the month of February 2021. 

A total of 3,517 respondents, all who said they were registered to vote were polled from all of the populated Islands and we provide the following results. The poll has a margin of error of Plus or Minus + – 3.5%.
The questions asked were:

1. Who do you trust to lead the Bahamas? – PLP- 79% FNM- 17% OTHER- 2%

2. Who is more “Competent”? Philip Brave Davis- 74% Hubert Alexander Minnis – 22% 

3. Which Party would be better on the Economy? PLP- 68% FNM – 31%

4. Which Party is best for the average Bahamian? PLP-77% FNM 19%

5. Which Leader would keep their word? Philip Davis 63% Hubert Minnis 14%

6. If Elections were held today, which party would you vote for? PLP 68% FNM 32%.

There you have it, folks.

We report yinner decide, but we believe this one over.