NIB-Non Management workers left without any UNION LEADERSHIP!

Mass sick-out at NIB
NIB workers on sickout back in 2019.

NASSAU| Exercises of Union Busting are now the practice by the Minnis-led Government and a clear example of this is evidenced at the National Insurance Board.

Since the protests of 2019 were getting hot at NIB, the Board by the directions of its former Director decided to promote into management and number of UNION leaders, thus leaving non management staff without any Union Leadership.

BP is learning the Union’s Secretary General is now been promoted as the Customer Service Manager at NIB, and its President has been promoted to manage the Board’s Bimini operations.

Workers are left confused as to how their issues will be addressed as no one is left to defend the people. WHAT IS THIS?

When asked how could the leadership of the Union leave its people defenceless one former unionist told BP, “Cause dey ain’t gat no spine and never valued people they were elected to serve!”

Anyway, NIB workers have no union leadership and the workers of NIB down at the at the Sports Centre are all in red today as if it is Valentine’s Day. These some people nah!

We report yinner decide!