Philip “Brave” Davis, MP – 2010 Budget Debate from C. Allen Johnson on Vimeo.


  1. 60% bahamin people 20%of which can be owned by the public 40%(ninteen families monopoly for 20 years thats a suckers deal sad sad

  2. How can you tax people who are not working? You are about to put 8,000 people out of jobs from the government sector and notice private sectors are doing the same. So thats alot of people who will be unemployed.Soon more than 5,000 Chinese people are to be employed at BAHAMAR whenever that begins this all seems cockeyed to me,but then again we have a cockeyed Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister(with big bucks),Junior Minister Of Finance,Minister Of National Security and the list goes on…..

  3. The government may have borrowed all this monies to beautify the country, so that we will be able to attract more tourist and compete with other Caribbean islands and Cuba. While they may have had some good intention, they made some very poor decisions. People are going to bed hungry everyday in this country, they don’t have any jobs to pay their bills and take care of their families? On the top of that the government putting people in more debt and taxing them more monies and they know full well that people does not have the means to pay for these things. Instead of taxing people who are already hurting, they should be targeting those number houses, they are the ones who are making all the monies. The Christian Counsel needs to shut their mouths, because they are dealing with their own personal agendas. From what I could see they don’t have any problem with gambling. If they had a problem with people gambling in this country, why are they not protesting outside of the casinos? See, it is okay for the tourist to come here and gamble, because they don’t attend their churches, but they don’t want their members gambling, because they may not have anything to put in the collection plates. Also, they want to claim we are a Christian nation so they don’t want to see gambling legalized here in the Bahamas, that is so hypocritical of them, because people are gambling here everyday, in fact a gambling house even sponsored one of the contestant in the Miss Bahamas Beauty Pageant, the Christian Counsel didn’t have anything to say about that, nor did they ask the government to shut down these houses. The government is not legalizing the number houses, but they are in full operation, you could see them spring up all over the place. I think it is unfair to be taxing the people who are already suffering and not taxing these number houses that are generating the monies and who are in the position to pay for these things.

  4. BP Isn’t it amazing how the Hecklers are out in force and on their game in the parliament when they need to be present to ensure that when the seasoned opposition members speak, their contributions are drowned out by the FNM hecklers? brave certainly made the case for the Bahamian people though and despite the interuptions from the government side, the message came across loud and clear. The budget will bring untold further hardship on the Bahamian masses. Vote the Rascals out, that’s what I say. BP please urge voters, especially young people who have reached 18 years and older. They need to vote these Oppressors out of parliament.

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