BEC technician is country’s latest murdered victim

Bruce Talmadge Sands Jr, a 25-year-old father of one is the country's 124th murdered victim on Christmas Day.


Bahamas Press is reporting more information tonight on the country’s latest murdered victim.

We can tell you the victim is a 25-year-old technician of the Bahamas Electricity Corporation.

We can report the victim’s name is Bruce Talmadge Sands Jr.

The married father of one was gunned down in a hail of bullets as he drove along East Bay Street around 4AM on Christmas Day.

Sands was returning home from the annual BLACKOUT event on West Bay Street. Other occupants of the vehicle were also hit by the attack. WE REPORT YINNER DECIDE!


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    That young boy who died so badly I hope he had chance to say ‘Father forgive me, for my deeds’, otherwise, the judgement will fall on his backside like a ton of bricks. Amen, Hallelujay, speak it, its about the Kingdom.

    • whoever you are you need to shut the hell up and stop being so judgmental. i am one of bruce’s cousins and i myself am a firm believer in christ. there is alot to the story that you know nothing of , therefore i pray that God have mercy on you for being an embarrassment to christians everywhere. get it right before casting stones.

  2. Honestly ‘Trashy’ please remove you post because clearly you do not know Bruce. If you did you would know that he would not pick up ‘hors’ or associate with any girl who would ‘open they leg for $20’ as you so delicately put it. I find it so disrespectful of you to post that TRASHY comment without knowing anything about him!! Bruce was one of the most level-headed young man you would ever meet. He loved his daughter, brother family and friends. For you to post that is so infuriating. Try finding out more facts about a person than what you read. FYI just because he had girls in the car does not automatically make the girls ‘hors’ or him looking for trouble. I’m sure their has been incidences that you had to ask a male friend for a ride to/from somewhere. Think before you speak ill of things.

    RIP Bruce

  3. Ok settle down people. Its a tragedy that this young man is dead. Please can we not attack each other on this. Trashy your comments are out of line and more sensible discussion should be the order here. That is why I asked for the story surrounding the case because the news doesn’t indicate or perhaps the motive is not known. But I agree young women instigate many of these fights and crimes. Really sad state of affairs.

  4. Honestly ‘trashy’ please remove your post because clearly you don’t know Bruce. If you did you would know that he doesn’t hang with ‘hors” as you put it. I find it so disrespectful of you to post TRASH like this without knowing anything about him. Bruce was one of the most level-headed young man you would ever meet. He loved his daughter, brother and his entire family and for you to imply that he’s gone over a girl is so infuriating!!!

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  7. Does anyone know the full story of this tragedy? I’m so sad to hear of this even though I didn’t know the guy. May he rest in peace. When will it stop in this place? Its always some club argument or disagreement over women that appears to be the issue. I remember being approached by guys at a club last year because the guy thought I disrespected his girl. Which I didn’t, but because the club is close quarters you are bound to bump into people. He pulled a knife on me and threatened me outside the club near my car. She was in the front seat jeering him on. I couldn’t believe it. Needless to say that from then on I stopped going to any of these places. People are crazy and I pray for the family of this young man who has been cut down in his youth. Please Bahamian guys, stop taking everything so personal.

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