You bought the turkey and ham but forgot to buy extra candles [BEC]


Kevin Basden, GM for BEC

Nassau, Bahamas — If you live on New Providence or on a Family Island like Harbour Island then you would have experienced a blackout Christmas.

Today, power supply on New Providence went off several times before Christmas Day had passed. Late into the night, before the nightly news could finish, residents along Carmichael Road West and into sections of Western New Providence were suffering from power failures.

No response or explanation for the power outages has come, nor has the minister with responsibility for power said anything.

Bahamas Press wonders when will the suffering of the Bahamian people end. Guests were invited to many events here in New Providence on Christmas Day, and yet when it came down to the day of gathering, BEC could not keep the Christmas tree lights on.

We cry ‘dutty’ shame on the behaviour of the failed Corporation, who under this present government has racked up losses year after year, despite the fact of being the sole provider of power supply.



  1. All yall shet yall stink azzz up cuz Bahamians is Bitch and complain, bitch and complain all day bout how these service suck den da minute da government say sell it yall wnat cry, holla, and protest!!!! Shut up and take blow!

  2. Almost the same old thing on Abaco. Power was out on Christmas Eve and then when it came on it was just half way on for hours. Boxing Day it was off again. Of course you can’t call and ask what’s going on, as no one answers any of the “emergency” numbers at the power station.

  3. BEC is a horrible corporation and causing the average Bahamian people pain and suffering. I dont know if they actually read your meter but the light bills seems to double every month! Its like you living working and breathing for BEC! Christmas day my light did went out, I was getting ready for church. I mean come on BEC on Christmas Day! I am so frustrated with this corporation and Bahamians need to take a stand against the government and BEC!

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