BFM has shutdown its services due to COVID19 Delta variant and returns to virtual church!

Worship at BFM suspended.

Dear BFM Members,

Recent developments with the arrival of the Delta Covid variant have prompted my consultation with health professionals within the ministry and on the national level. We have been informed that the new variant is possibly much more transmissible than previous variants and in some cases persons are more ill and some have died at a higher rate than past occurrences.

As a ministry after weighing the options and prayerfully considering potential ramifications to our members and the community we have decided to revert to a virtual only service for the next two weeks. We will monitor conditions in the community and further consult with professionals and update our position as of August 18th.

Please stay tuned for further written and video announcements in the coming days. We thank you for your faithfulness and partnership in ensuring that our members and community are safe during this time.

Pastor Dave Burrows