Big fight in downtown Nassau, near police station


One must seriously wonder what level of violence the city has degenerated to. This clip was sent to Bahamas Press via a blogger. We could not believe our ears. In downtown, on Bay Street, just a stone throw away from the police tourism office, this kind of violence occurs. Now one can see why tourist are robbed in the city, cars are smashed in the heart of the city, students are shot in broad daylight downtown, all because not a single police officer is walking the beat. Not only has downtown become dirty, but has become violent as well. (Again Bahamas Press apologizes for the rude language used in this clip.)


  1. This happens all the time are we shocked? Bay St. where these clubs that cater to party crowd Bahamians always have fights and Police are always 1 hr away to respond. We all remember clubs like Club Rock, Culture Club,all downtown where guests to our country get to watch the primarily young Bahamians curse and fight with no regard for where they are. Just walk past the Imperial Take Away, The next door bar in the day and the Fish Fry on the weekends and watch how young Bahamians act who don’t care about where they are. Our country is on the brink of becoming uncaring and lawless

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