BIG-TIME FNM lawyer to be charged for attempting to Obstruct Justice!


NASSAU| BP is following developments inside the Magistrate Court where a big-time FNM attorney is about to be charged.

We can report Attorney Philip Lundy is set to be charged before Chief Magistrate Joy-ann Ferguson Pratt after being accused in the Obstruction of Justice after allegedly threatening a DECENT Justice Ruth Bowe-Darville…

Lundy on Thursday 28th Nov. 2019 allegedly threaten, intimidate or restrained DECENT Justice Ruth Bowe-Darville on account of her presiding or being about to preside over a matter as a judge the charge sheet read.

Witnesses listed includes Justice Darville, Thomas Evans, Veronique Evans, Ferron Bethel, Carlos Molina and Sgt. 3310 Rodgers.

Lundy, 61-year-old of Yamacraw Beach Estate resident is, is expected to be charged this afternoon.

We report yinner decide!